Version 1.45.2

Released: 2014-05-02

Ability to hide version and license owner in headers new

directadmin.conf option:


which is the internal default.

If you set it to:


this will hide this information:

Server: DirectAdmin Daemon v1.45.1 Registered to

and will replace it with:

Server: DirectAdmin Daemon

HOWEVER this only applies to non-authorized connections.

If a User is logged in, or API connects, the headers will still be present.

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Nginx templates don\'t receive HAVE_PHP1_FPM=1 fixed

With the apache template changes, which use HAVE_PHP1_FPM for apache 2.4.9+, and HAVE_PHP1_FPM_OLD for older than 2.4.9, nginx was not accounted for, so HAVE_PHP1_FPM_OLD was used, but does not exist in the nginx templates.

Fix was to check for nginx, and use HAVE_PHP1_FPM.

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