Install guide

Step 1: Do you meet the system requirements?

Step 2: Make sure your license information is correct

Sign into your client accountopen in new window and click the "view" link next to your license.

Make sure that the license is Active and Verified (if it isn't, then our billing system hasn't processed your order yet).

Enter your license key: (Enter auto if you do not know your key)

Step 3: Begin the installation!

Login as root to your server, download the installation script, and run it:

bash <(curl -fsSL 'Provided license key should go here'

Note: using sudo to run this install command with a non-root shell will not work. If you have non-root shell, please use sudo -s to get root shell before executing the install command.

Check overview section if you'd like the installation to be customized.

Important: The hostname should not be the same as the primary domain name. For example is not a good hostname, where is a good one. Having the same host/main domain name will cause e-mail and FTP problems. Also, please make sure the hostname resolves once you set up DNS.

Accessing the Control Panel

DirectAdmin can be accessed at http://server.ip.address:2222. Use the Admin username/password from the output information provided by (the same information is specified in the /usr/local/directadmin/conf/setup.txt or /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/setup.txt file).

Check first steps for next move.

Need more information?

You can email questions to or send an inquiry by visiting the contactsopen in new window page. We are available Monday through Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM Mountain Standard Time. You may also visit the forumsopen in new window to see if your question has been answered there.

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