# Introducing the DirectAdmin Pro Pack

# Much more than a WordPress Addon

2020 has been a tough year for many and DirectAdmin was no exception. We have been busy thinking how to provide more advanced features, while solving the problem of finding additional resources to do so. This is especially difficult when the majority customer-base consists of lifetime licenses and datacenters utilizing 20 year-old-pricing, without any price increases or adjustments for inflation.

We want to do more, and we know more is expected of us. At the same time, there are those who don’t want more if it means a price increase.

Therefore, we’re not raising prices. Instead, we are introducing an optional pack of enhanced features for those who wish to invest in a more advanced product.

This pack is not mandatory for shared or personal hosting, but will offer significant enhancements. We already have these features included:

  • Python/Java/Ruby/Perl/NodeJS support
  • Per-User Redis manager
  • Additional features for Nginx (automatic CMS templates, WordPress+FastCGI cache support)
  • Ability to throttle resources per-user (CPU/RAM/IO etc.)
  • Admin SSL (SSL administration, ability to use cross-user wildcard certs, replace expired certs with Let's Encrypt)
  • More advanced Email Track&Trace

The following are in development:

  • GIT manager

And we plan to introduce these in the future:

  • WordPress manager
  • Advanced backup manager, allowing user-level per-file (and per-database) restores from the backups
  • Advanced GUI for account migrations
  • DNS synchronization with external providers such as CloudFlare

This does not mean those without the Pro Pack will have features or bug fixes cut. We have the following in the works or completed, for all licenses:

  • Automatic SSL
  • TLS v1.3 support for DirectAdmin service
  • HTTP/2 support for DIrectAdmin service, bringing major speed improvements
  • New default layout design for the Evolution skin
  • Brute Force Manager improvements
  • Auto assignment of Global IPs to Admins/Resellers
  • Ability to specify NULL MX records
  • Ability to specify reseller on user restore time
  • Ability to select domains on user-level backup

We’re still in the early stages of this Pro Pack, and this document is only intended to provide a basic explanation of the concept -- and to explain why there may be a “Pro” logo next to some features, but not others.

To be clear, our intent is not to “de-feature” licenses. If you see a feature in the software, rest assured it will not be removed later. The DirectAdmin core will always contain essential features. The Pro Pack is intended to provide optional (but more advanced) features, and include functionality that usually requires a paid 3rd-party addon.