Introducing the DirectAdmin Pro Pack

UPDATE: As of 2023 August, DirectAdmin has switched to a unified codebase where all licenses for sale automatically contain all features. The "Pro Pack" concept is now retired. More information here.

Some of DirectAdmin's more advanced features include:

  • Python/Java/Ruby/Perl/NodeJS support with the use of Nginx Unit
  • Per-User Redis manager
  • Additional features for Nginx (automatic CMS templates, WordPress+FastCGI cache support)
  • Ability to throttle resources per-user (CPU/RAM/IO etc.)
  • Admin SSL (SSL administration, ability to use cross-user wildcard certs, replace expired certs with Let's Encrypt)
  • More advanced Email Track&Trace, Email Summary
  • Web Terminal
  • GIT manager
  • ClamAV scanner for filesystem scans
  • WordPress manager
  • IMAP sync for Email synchronization
  • Automatic email account settings detection for Thunderbird (and other compatible) mail clients
  • MariaDB 10.11 and 11.4, MySQL 8.4
  • DB Monitor
  • "File System Information" feature which includes information about disks/partitions of your server
  • Automatic "security.txt" (RFC 9116) support

And we plan to introduce these, among much more, in the future:

  • Advanced backup manager, allowing user-level per-file (and per-database) restores from the backups
  • DNS synchronization with external providers such as CloudFlare

How to enable the features

After license upgrade, you just need to restart DirectAdmin to have the Pro Pack features displayed.

Then you could go to the admin panel and see if you notice the e-mail tracking feature, which would verify the Pro Pack features are there.

To install nginx unit:

da build set unit yes
da build unit

To install redis:

da build set redis yes
da build redis

To install WordPress manager:

da build wp

To install imapsync tool:

da build imapsync

To install GIT: On Debian/Ubuntu:

apt-get -y install git

On other systems:

yum -y install git

If you run CloudLinux, please execute this additionally:

cagefsctl --addrpm git
cagefsctl --force-update

To install per-user throttling (Not required on a new DA installation -- only on an existing live server), follow this guide.

Feature does not appear in the panel

If any of these features don't appear, make sure that they're enabled in the access level they should be present in. For example, if git doesn't appear in user level, make sure that git is enabled for:

  • the user itself. Go to admin level -> Account Manager -> Show All Users -> Click the name of that user -> Modify -> Tick the checkbox for Git -> Save
  • the reseller who owns this user. Go to admin level -> Account Manager -> List Resellers -> Click the name of that reseller -> Reseller -> Modify -> Tick the checkbox for Git -> Save
  • in rare cases the admin user might not have the feature enabled in its reseller level. Follow the previous bullet point to enable it.
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