Over the past year, we've been working hard to create a new look for DirectAdmin. We've called this new skin Evolution. This new skin has a similar feel to our directadmin.com website.

The changes brought forward with this new skin are far more than just the skin itself, but also how it communicates with DirectAdmin. We've added almost 100% JSON support in DirectAdmin, allowing for in-page editing. This should also open up many options for plugin/script designers as they no longer need to rely only on the CMD_API calls. The GUI CMD_ calls can be used by simply adding json=yes to the request.

I want to use the Evolution skin

Evolution is the default skin in new installations of DirectAdmin. If you have another skin set to be the default one, and would like to change the default to Evolution, including the login page, login as admin, switch to reseller level, go to > Reseller Tools > Skin manager, select the 'evolution' skin and click 'Set Global'.

To change a skin just for you (admin), click the 'Apply to me'. To change a skin for your users (under admin reseller), click on 'Apply to All users'.

Change everyone on the server to Evolution

The following commands will change every admin/reseller/user and all the packages to use the evolution skin instead of enhanced:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/data/users
perl -pi -e 's|skin\=enhanced|skin=evolution|g' ../admin/packages/*.pkg
perl -pi -e 's|skin\=enhanced|skin=evolution|g' */packages/*.pkg
perl -pi -e 's|skin\=enhanced|skin=evolution|g' */user.conf
perl -pi -e 's|docsroot\=./data/skins/enhanced|docsroot=./data/skins/evolution|g' */user.conf

How to customize the evolution skin

The evolution skin was designed to be extremely flexible for customization, you can change anything in it from a reseller level > Customize Evolution Skin menu. Where you can change sections, icons for user, reseller or admin level pages:

User level

Customizing user level

Reseller level

Customizing reseller level

Main colors

Customizing colors

Customizing logos

Customizing user level

If you are using your own technical support system, you might want to provide a URL to it. This can be done by in Support & Help -> Manage Tickets -> Ticket System Settings, just untick 'Ticket System Enabled' and it will let you input the URL there.

If you have any other external systems you wish to add to the menu, you may do this using the Customize Evolution Skin > Menu: User > Support & Help > [Click on section title] > Add Entry on the right. Just change the radio button from 'Route' to 'Link', then provide a link to your external system, name it, and add an icon.

Looking for more? Check out this forumopen in new window.

How to translate the evolution skin

Evolution skin has an independent sets of translations. It is managed in a separate translation management system at https://translate.directadmin.com/.

Languages that covers > 80% of all translations strings will be bundled with new Evolution builds.

IF you have a full new language translation file we can help you import it into the translations system. Please contact us in the https://form.directadmin.com/ or open a [https://tickets.directadmin.com/](support ticket).

Internal translation

The directadmin and dataskq binaries have strings hardcoded internally, so other means are needed to load translations. As of DirectAdmin 1.61.1, we will support gettext which is a very common means of translating these types of strings. See this guide on creating your own internal.po translation.


Note, you can use specific List of Locale ID (LCID) values, just find your specific locale name from the file /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/evolution/locales.conf. For example, there are several variants of "en", e.g.,

en_CA=English (Canada)
en_GB=English (United Kingdom)
en_IE=English (Ireland)

where you'd use the underscore '_' character (and not the dash '-' as some use). You do not need to use a more specific _XX code for the language, usually just the main one is fine (e.g., 'en'). However, in some cases, the wording may be specific enough such that you would want different language packs for the different countries/dialects, in which case you can use these extra codes for your language pack (e.g., en_CA).

Custom favicon.png in Evolution skin

Related to the Login page: /images or /assets now support custom override pathsopen in new window feature, you can create a custom favicon.png file in these directories, to affect both when Users are logged in, and for non-logged in paths, if the default skin is Evolution:
The image can be viewed here for both logged out and logged-in states:

Last Updated: 5/10/2022, 1:29:19 PM