Version 1.31.1

Released: 2007-11-10

ability to edit user cron jobs new

Current, a new cronjob entry is needed, and you delete the old one.

This feature simply adds an edit button to the bottom of the table.

Select one (only 1) cronjob, click edit.

The table is refreshed with only that cron in the list.

Change as required, and click Save.

Random password button for database users (SKINS) new

Add a random password button for new database users, similar to the system account and email account passwords.





included |HTM_JAVASCRIPT| at the top

changed to document.reseller to confirm with the js code.

added the button to trigger the random feature.



To view the current settings of a reseller, use:



Called with just:


it will give you the contents of the reseller.conf.

Can also be called via post:

... withall the package options (see skins for details).



Disable openbasedir if CLI php isn't present in apache. fixed

Disable openbasedir if CLI php isn't present in apache.

As a workaround, turn off openbasedir in:

Admin Level -> Php Safemode Configuration.

turn it off for all domains.

turn it off as the default option.

set the domainst.list to be a cautious writing file. fixed

This fix adds extra checks before each write of the domains.list file.

The checks consist of reading in the current timestamp and size before it's written.

These 2 values are recorded upon the initial read-in of the file, thus they should match before the write since nothing else has done anything to it.

However, if some other process has written to the domains.list after the DA process read in the file, but before DA writes the file, this new check will now realize that the file was changed and will not write the domains.list file, but only if no internal changes were made to the domains.list file.

This applies when a plugin adds a domain after the read, before the write of the domains.list. The domains.list was being overwritten and losing the domain domain information added by the domain.

allow names in mailing lists fixed


"First Last"

format for lists. Also valid would be:

"First Last", "Second Third"

Note that the format is quite strict in that you must use "double" quotes (not 'single' quotes). Also, there must be exactly one space after the quote before the < character. The closing character must be a > and no extra spaces after that allowed. The comma must proceed right after the > if you have multiple emails, and you may add multiple spaces after the comma if you wish, but one space is the recommended/expected format.

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