Version 1.34.1

Released: 2009-10-23

force zones to have more than 0 NS records new

Prevent users from deleting all NS records. On newer versions of bind, named will refuse to start if any one of the zones is missing all of it's NS records. If a User wishes to change his NS records, he would have to add the new ones first, before removing the old ones.

option not to restart apache after tally new

directadmin.conf option to skip the call of apache restart after tally is done.

The default interal value is:


If you wish to set it to 0, add the following to your directadmin.conf:


then restart DA.

Note that if apache is not restarted, it's completely your responsibility to ensure it gets restarted as needed.


Option to disable webalizer and log rotation (rotation=0 to shut off httpd HUP pre tally)

disable force_hostname for API calls new

If an API makes an ssl call on a system using the force_hostname option, and that host isn't passed, DA will reply with a location redirect.

This change ignores the force_hostname for API calls, since the API usually isn't worried about valid certificates.

do less checking on destination forwarders fixed

Allow valid email addresses with special characters to be added as a forwarder.

CMD_PROCESS_MONITOR generates the error " is not a number" (SKINS) fixed

CMD_PROCESS_MONITOR generates the error " is not a number"

Caused by the "timer" token not being set before being tested for a >0 value.




|*if !timer|
|*if !scrollpos|

to the top.

bad Vacation on/off logic. fixed

If you never made any changes to the dates of the vacation messages such that the date changes past over the present (forwards or backwards) then you would not be affected.

Basically, if a vacation message is enabled, it will only ever be disabled if the end time is in the past.

If you modify an existing active vacation message to have a start time in the future, it wouldn't be disabled.

The reverse goes for enabling it.

If a vacation message is currently disabled, it will only ever be enabled if the start time is in the past.

If you modify an existing disabled vacation message to have a end time in the in the future (vs that previous setting in the past), it wouldn't be enabled.

The logic change has been made, which actually simplies the code.

A vacation message is now either within the window of activation, or it isn't.

If it's in the window but isn't active, it's enabled.

Else, it's outside the window. For this case, on currently active messages, if the end time is in the past, the vacation message is deleted, else it's just disabled.

If a vacation message is already disabled and outside of the active window, then nothing is done.. which makes sense.

fail and blackhole are not accepted in forwarders fixed

The :fail: and :blackhole: options are not accepted as forwarder values, when they should be.

The bug was caused from this change:

pipe and email in forwarder

security issue that can freeze the directadmin process fixed

A security issue was found that would allow a remote attacker to freeze a directadmin process using a specific sequence of characters in the request. The outcome from this is that repeated calls with this would plug up all child processes preventing others from using DA. The bug is a logic error causing the process to try and access an out of range memory area. None of the input data from the attacker is used in this memory area meaning no remote code can be executed. Unauthorized remote access to your box is not possible with this bug, it would only plug up the directadmin child processes preventing others from using them.

Thanks to Victor Benincasa from Netbit Internet ( for finding and reporting this bug.

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