Version 1.03.0

Released: 2003-05-29

Dates are now shown with the ticket/message system new

The messages and tickets in the message system now have the dates to go along with them. This is handy when you need to know when the message was sent 😉

Apache templates for custom apache. new

A big new feature is the apache templates. There are 4 files that are used for virtual domains, a combination of SSL and subdomains. Note that you must copy these files into ./custom/* (have to create 'custom') or else DirectAdmin will overwrite them for each update. If the files exist in ./custom, they will be used and the ones in the templates folder will be ignored.

Added Server Settings feature in the admin's settings srceen new

Allows admins to change the default server name, ns1, ns2, timeout and max file upload size for DirectAdmin. This is useful for Server Admins who do not know the domain ahead of time. They can install DirectAdmin with only 1 IP and no nameservers, allowig their clients (Admins) to set up the control panel later, through DirectAdmin

Pop permission bug fixed fixed

Bug fixed for pop. Directory permissions were incorrect which didn't allow mail to be read.

AutoUpdate connecting bug fixed. fixed

Caused certain IP's to not be able to connect to our server for updates.

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