Version 1.26.1

Released: 2005-12-22

extra output during the "todovecot" conversion new

When the:

./build todovecot

command is run, there was previously no output. This caused confusion as the dataskq often sat for long periods of time during the conversion. If the action is cancelled, the server will end up half converted.

Extra output has been added to admins can watch whats going on as it happens. Includes the current user # out of the total number of users, so admin will have an idea when it should be done. For any inbox mbox files that are over 10 meg, DA will output a notice that "this fill may take a while". It include the size of the large inbox, and will output a notice for every 10 emails parsed in the mbox file.


new tokens:


avaible globally anywhere in the skins.

action=delete&value=mbox goes into infinite loop fixed

This command to delete old mbox files goes into an infinite loop:

echo "action=delete&value=mbox" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue

caused by:

for (int i=0; dirs.getNumElements(); ++i)

instead of

for (int i=0; i<dirs.getNumElements(); ++i)



rm -f /var/mail/*
rm -f /var/spool/mail/*
rm -rf /var/spool/virtual
rm -rf /home/*/mail
rm -rf /home/*/imap/*/*/mail

The last command may end up failing due to too many arguments.. so delete the directories for each user one at a time.

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