Version 1.31.2

Released: 2007-12-17

language in the user package (SKINS) new

language in the user package




<tr><td class=list2>|LANG_LANGUAGE|</td><td class=list2 align=center>|LANGUAGESELECT|</td><td class=list2></td></tr>

create index.html in new subdomain folders new

To avoid confusion when the "Forbidden" error appears, DA will now create a basic index.html if it does not exists in the subdomain's folder.

ability to allow foreign IP for session keys new

By default, the session key login system is only permitted for

If your system for some reason does not allow this, you can tell DA to skip that check by adding:


into your directadmin.conf file, then restart DA.

ability to only run action=convert&value=todovecot for 1 user. new

If you need to manually convert just one user to dovecot, you can now do so with the following command:

echo "action=convert&value=todovecot&user=username" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue

where username is the name of the user.

Note that DA will already do this during a restore of a user backup file automatically.

List of domain pointers. new

Shows up on the "show all users" page, as well as on the user listin the reseller level.

Domain Pointers will show up in the same column as the domains, just below the domain they were created under.

They are tabbed in 2 spaces, and start with a bold P: to signify pointer.

There is a hover-over popup to say "Domain pointer on" so people know what it means.

A value for the directadmin.conf:


will be the default (internally).

Set it to 0 if you want to disable it, if it slows things down for you.

The domain pointers in the show_all_users.cache file are listed as:|||&other=other./etc..

On a side-note, on the Reseller Level, the cache is only used if there are 10 or more clients under that Reseller. Less than 10, then data is computed in realtime since the cache can get huge in itself, so we only want to use it if it's needed. This is if you're wondering why there could be variances if the cache is missing or corrupted, etc..

Tool to transfer Users between Resellers (SKINS) new

A new feature at the Admin Level which will allow an Admin to move any end User on the system around between Resellers/Admins (CMD_MOVE_USERS). The interface is very simple, you select the Users, and you select the Reseller you want them to be moved to.

The tool is an interface for:


which has been tested with a few minor fixes to bring it up to speed.

This feature will be release as BETA for the time being, although, I didn't notice any issues when testing.


An API is also available for this tool:


method: get or POST

new file:


in the files_admin.conf

Get the DA update or the packged skins for details on the html.

directadmin log rotation for linux machines new

Added /etc/logrotate.d/directadmin for redhat and debian systems.

The update will install it. New system install will also receive the file.

It's copied from /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/directadmin.rotate.

It will rotate the /var/log/directadmin/*





as per the rules in /etc/logrotate.conf

It will also remove the 2007-Dec-12.log format logs older than 30 days (in the postrotate section)

catch-all and spamd to be triggered on/off with package setting. fixed

The catch-all and spamassassin options in the packages only the users ability to access the functionality of those features. Turning them off does not actively shut off the feature, it will only disable the user from accessing them.

This fix will shut off spamassassin and set catch-all to :fail: if those items are disabled in the package.

CMD_EMAIL_ACCOUNT_QUOTA had no httpd headers. fixed

The output from th CMD_EMAIL_ACCOUNT_QUOTA command (api and non-api) failed to produce any headers. Browsers didn't seem to mind, but the php communication class wasn't expecting the error, so the fetch_parsed_body was returning an empty result.

named reload on domain removal fixed

named was not being reloaded when a domain was removed.

Added the reload code so that it happens.

open_basedir on suspended domains set to wrong path fixed

A suspended domain gets a new DocumentRoot, but the open_basedir path wasn't changed, thus if a php file was used, the php script wouldn't run.

The fix simply changes the HOME token to that of the Reseller (creator of the User) such that the suspended document root is below the correct open_basedir path.

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