Version 1.15.0

Released: 2003-07-14

User can now select the number of items to be shown on each page. new

The paged tables can now be told how many items to show per page. This can be done by going into the advanced search and specifying. This also contains a fix, where tables that cannot be sorted will not have paged layouts. This was an issue for the perl modules, where clicking on a different page wouldn't change the page.

Apache won't load: user does not exist fixed

When DirectAdmin deletes a Reseller, that Reseller's httpd.conf files are all removed. However, the ips.conf file in /etc/httpd/conf/ips.conf is not rewritten, so if the reseller was assigned any ip's, that file will have to be re-written without that reseller.

Workaround: manually rewrite the ips.conf file by clicking "Delete Selected" (without selecting any ips) in the IP Manager in the Admin Panel. Should be fixed for 1.15.

Duplicate users are showing up in the reseller's user list. fixed

The optimizations done for 1.14 cause issues with the rellers user list. Should be fixed for 1.15.

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