Version 1.57.4

Released: 2019-07-09

Option not to delete vacation message after expiry new

Previous default was to remove a vacation message after the vacation time ended.

New default is to simply disable it, but leave it in place.

The new variable and internal default for this is:


So if you wish to have it delete the vacation message, instead of just disabling it, add this to your directadmin.conf:


Modify backup cron unable to clear encryption password fixed

When either Admin or Reseller edits their backup crons, when:


is set, the bug would prevent the clearing of the encryption password.

This was due to the pre-loading of the password in the container from the backup (which usually replaces the XXXXXX characters with the true password, internally).

Fix was to check for the presence of the passed password before pre-loading the password from the conf on disk.

CMD_EMAIL_LIST action=modify GET blocked fixed

The E-Mail mailing list, at this URL:


is not a state-change request, so should be allowed with GET.

The error was:

"The requested command requires POST but GET was used"

The actual state change for this page is "action=save", which still needs POST.

restoring cpmove files to missing Reseller fixed

When restoring cpmove-fred.tar.gz style backup file, DA cannot immediately see who the creator of this account was.

As a result, once the resulting user.somereseller.fred.tar.gz may be restored to "somereseller" which might not exist.

Extra check to automatically restore to the Admin who triggered this restore should "somereseller" not exist.

certificate_common_name_with_www negation fixed

Relating to feature:

SSL Certificates: Allow in Common Name

The logic was inverted. 1<>0

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