Version 1.33.2

Released: 2009-03-26

option for 2048 bit key sizes instead of 1024 (SKINS) new

option for 2048 bit key sizes instead of 1024 for new csr/cert/keys



<tr><td class=list>&nbsp;</td><td class=list>Key Size (bits)</td><td class=list><select class=selectclass name=keysize><option selected>1024</option><option>2048</option></select></td></tr>

Admin Level -> Reseller Pacakges included in backup/restore new

Reseller Packages (from the Admin Level) were not in the backup system previously. I've added them.

In the tar.gz file they'll be in the files:


backup/reseller.pacakges/* new

Script to be run after each user tar.gz backup file is created, any format from any level.



reseller=resellername         #who created this User
owner=admin                      #who triggered the backup

Admin Backup/Transfer restore error with no details fixed

The restore portion of the admin backup/transfer was writing as diradmin, not root.

So if the task.queue was present, and chowned to root (which happens normally), then the restore function fails to write the task to the task.queue file and errors out, but doesn't say why. Solution: write the task.queue as root.

ssh not set for restored users in Admin restore fixed

A bug in the restore code prevented ssh from ever being turned on when using the Admin Backup/Transfers restore tool. Issue was a null pointer from instancing a class within an if-statement, then working on the class outside of the if, but it's destroyed, thus null.

Added a check for hard links on a file before allowing permission reset.

Will not allow reset for any file with more than 1 hard link.

Also far more strict on rules for uid/gid before a reset.

Any non-user or apache uid/gid values will throw an error.

These checks will improve security during the ownership reset actions.

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