Version 1.665

Released: 2024-06-??

No excessive output in da config-set command improved

CLI command da config-set no longer prints anything when configuration is updated successfully.

Older versions used to repeat configuration key and value to standard output. This often produces unexpected extra output when used in scripts.

Allow domain pointer MX records to be edited evolution fixed

Within user level DNS page (Account Manager -> DNS Management) editing domain pointer's MX records no longer throws validation errors when it shouldn't.

Deprecate /CMD_LOGIN?json=yes removed

Sending login requests to POST /CMD_LOGIN?json=yes (in JSON format) is deprecated. The new API endpoint POST /api/login should be used instead.

Normal HTML form post requests are not affected by this change.

To help with gradual transition starting this release 1/10 of the requests to /CMD_LOGIN using JSON will start failing with an error message explaining that new API should be used instead.

In future releases CMD_LOGIN will no longer return json response at all and should be used exclusively with HTML forms.

Configuration option old_public_html_link is removed from directadmin.conf. old_public_html_link was used for demo accounts do switch ~/public_html from being a symling to users default domain, to being a directory of symlinks to all domains.

Now users ~/public_html will always be a symlink to users default domain.

Removed support for docsroot option in user configuration removed

In user confguration, the surplus docsroot option is removed in favor skin option. This change completely removes non-system skins.

All users using non-system skin will get switched to default system skin.

Removed support for allow_admin_login_as_to_reseller_skin configuration option removed

Configuration option allow_admin_login_as_to_reseller_skin is removed from directadmin.conf. This option become obselete due to removal of non-system skin.

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