Version 1.27.3

Released: 2006-06-25

API command for running abitrary shell commands as the user - CMD_API_EXEC new

An API command allowing api developers to execute shell command as the user through DA. The default for this will be off, so if you need it, it will have to be turned on in the directadmin.conf

The option for your directadmin.conf is:


the default is 0 (if it's not there)


method: POST
options=your --list=of "options"

Command must be a simple filename, don't include options in the command, just the command filename, that's it. The options will be placed after the command.

Command must be the full path from top level /. No local commands allowed.


will be added to the end of the command to catch the stderr output to stdin.

Output from DA on a successful run:


if error=1, then there was a problem, message wil be set in "text".

exit=1234 is the result number of the exec function. It's controlled by the return value of your script (although, in testing the number returned isn't exactly the same as the number the script exited with.. but it does change as the number in the script changes.. not sure why that is atm)

result=outputtext is the usual url encoded text that your script produces.

Note that there is a timeout (set in the Admin Settings). DA will kill the program with SIGTERM if it runs out of time. Also, do not run any script/programs that require stdin unless you pipe it from a file with <.

don't change the default domain when new domain added new

Previously, when a User adds another domain to his User account, the "default" domain is changed to the new domain. This is just a logic change to not set the new domain to the default domain, and to leave the original domain as the default.

The option to "Set as Default" will remain, so that button can be used if a new default domain is needed.

action=rewrite&value=filter new

command to rewrite all filters with the templates:

echo "action=rewrite&value=filter" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue

extra info in licenses (SKINS) new

new license files will have more information in them.

They're backwards compatible with older versions of DA.

You won't see any difference until your license file is updated (not required)

Any version will work fine with any version of DA.


insert table rows:

|*if internal="Y"|
<tr><td class=list>License Type</td><td class=list style='white-space: normal;'><b>INTERNAL LICENSE.</b> To be included only with a dedicated server / VPS product. Not for resale, not transferrable. Please contact server provider for all DirectAdmin-related support.  See <a href=""></a> for more information.</td></tr>
|*if internal="N"|
<tr><td class=list>License Type</td><td class=list style='white-space: normal;'>External license</td></tr>

Ability to specify which aspect of the account to set for password change (SKINS) new

3 checkbox, all defaulted to "checked" for the apects of the DA account to set the password for. These include DirectAdmin, FTP and Database password. If a User only wishes to change a certain aspect of the account, he simply use the checkboxes to do so.

The custom scripts and will have 4 extra values:

options, system, ftp and database.

If "options = yes", then the other 3 will be set if they're set to "yes" as well.

If a value is blank, it's the same as "no". If "options=" or "options=no" then all 3 areas are changed by DA.



<input type=hidden name="options" value="yes">
<tr><td class=list align=right>DirectAdmin</td><td class=list><input type=checkbox name="system" value="yes" checked></td></tr>
<tr><td class=list align=right>Main FTP Account</td><td class=list><input type=checkbox name="ftp" value="yes" checked></td></tr>
<tr><td class=list align=right>Main Database Account</td><td class=list><input type=checkbox name="database" value="yes" checked></td></tr>

unsigned long long int on FreeBSD fixed

on FreeBSD, the storage type "unsigned long long int" were being read in as a smaller storage format, which overloaded the reader causing incorrect numbers.

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