Version 1.54.1

Released: 2018-09-16

Table searching: case sensitivity and global choice new

New internal default (likely to be changed in the future):


which can be changed to the following:


by adding it to the directadmin.conf and restarting DA.

You can also add the following flag to any table search/sort (including "starts with", "contains" or the "equals" options)




to override whatever might be set in the directadmin.conf.

This can be useful if you might have a filename or some value in a table cell that shouldn't be case sensitively matched.

Or to fight with mobile phones that decide upper case is always the best, when:


has not been added to the input field.


because we do not want to affect searching performance of the table class, I've implemented this using function pointers.

Case sensitivity choice is known ahead of time, so the function pointer for the actual string comparison is set once, and the function pointer is called directly per comparison.

This is as opposed to the slower method which would need an "if" statement check on the choice for every cell/search, which would be slower ("in theory")

Set Reseller Package segfaults/hangs fixed

Bug introduced in 1.54.0 where the saving of a Reseller package can segfault or hang.

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