Version 1.51.2

Released: 2017-02-15

DNSSEC: Ability to add DS record without signing zone new

Sometimes you might need to add a DS record without signing the current domain.

To allow the DS field to show up, use:


instead of:


dnssec: manual sign causing double records fixed

Disable re-read before write during manual sign, as it caused double records.

Bug likely introduced with this change:

DNSSEC: Auto-resign wasn't updating serial of master zone Move /var/user_logs to /var/log/user_logs fixed

As /var/log could often be on it's own partition, the script will attempt to move /var/user_logs to /var/log/user_logs, should /var/log/user_logs not currently exist and /var/user_logs exist.

If /var/log/user_logs does not exist, and /var/user_logs does not exist, then /var/log/user_logs will be created normally, and the .readme.txt file created.

When you delete a zone, previously, all of the extra dnssec files in /var/named for that domain were not being deleted.

This fix will remove them when the .db file is removed.

Improve referer check conditions (SECURITY) fixed

Improve referer checking for certain scenarios.

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