Version 1.23.3

Released: 2004-12-16

Ability to create a domain alias through the domain pointers page (SKINS) new

Instead of creating a redirect, the option will use a "ServerAlias" which will allow another domain to be used without the end user ever knowing the domain is setup with a different name.

A simple checkbox will be added to give the user the option.




<input type=checkbox name=alias value="yes" checked>Create as an Alias &nbsp;&nbsp; 

before the submit button.

The virtual_host.conf and virtual_host_secure.conf files will have a modified line:


Incremental backups not deleting files fixed

After the ftp upload the files were not being deleted right away.

The files are deleted once all uploads are done.

CMD_SHOW_USER shows error when sorting fixed

If you are viewing a user via the CMD_SHOW_USER page and click "Setting", "Current Usage", or "Maximum Usage", you will get an error:

Cannot show user


field 'user' is required

This is a very minor bug. The fix will be the removal of the sort links.

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