Version 1.63.7

Released: 2022-02-16

Codebase status in licensing page new

The Licensing/Updates section of the control panel will begin to show legacy codebase status for licenses that are no longer sold but continue to function because they do not expire. These legacy licenses retain functionality in their legacy codebase only. This flag will help differentiate these special grandfathered products from non-legacy products that may operate under different future codebases.

This flag is visible in Evolution skin licensing page.

Improved DirectAdmin compatibility with CageFS improved

New DA version moved internal DA communications socket from da-internal.sock to shared/internal.sock. This allows CageFS to be compatible with new features that use this socket.

Update script to read key size and algorithm from DA config improved

Older versions used to pass DNSSEC key size and algorithm to the script via the environment variables. This works fine for DNSSEC operations triggered from GUI.

Calling script from CLI would not get environment variables and would use default key size and key algorithm.

Script was updated to retrieve key size and algorithm from directadmin.conf.

This unifies script behaviour wen called from GUI and from CLI.

Fixed directadmin.conf parser incompatibilities fixed

Starting 1.63.6 release directadmin config was showing error messages about invalid config values. Config parser was fixed. Calling directadmin config also no longer includes unknown config values in the otput.

Improvements for the licensing page rendering in Enhanced and Power User fixed

In previous DA release licensing page rendering was moved to a new DirectAdmin HTML skin template engine. This revealed quite a few inconsistencies with old template engine and made page not available in Power User skin. This release fixes all known and reported issues.

Unified location for server certificates fixed

The internal location for the hostname certificates varied slightly depending on which system was calling it. There was the older "server IP" location, which referred to the directadmin.conf "apachecert" location (dynamic, based on web server), but the new SSL renewal system referred to the user=root, which pointed to the "cacert" value, which is the 2222 certificate. Because uses the cacert for any hostname certificates, the back-end will now also point all server_ip and user=root conditions to the same directadmin.conf "cacert" value. The will duplicate the certificates to the service locations as needed from the unified source.

Delete nginx_apache domain logs on User deletion fixed

For the nginx proxy + apache webserver setup, domain log data was not being purged from the nginx area, as well as data from /etc/virtual.

Drag'n'Drop upload for File Manager evolution fixed

Recent File Manager changes broke drop upload. This is fixed now and file lists (grid, table, folders tree) now could be drop-targets for file(s) from OS.

DirectAdmin crontab file is replaced on each DA update removed

Each DA update will replace /etc/cron.d/directadmin_cron file with the latest version. This removes any manual customizations applied to this file.

This change is required to remove periodic license renewal task from cron file.

It later DA releases we expect to make some more changes to the cron job file, so file it replaces on every update for now.

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