Version 1.29.7

Released: 2007-05-11

make log usage realtime fixed

Log usage is done just after the tally is run. The catch is that the logs are rotated and emptied during the tally, so really, not having a realtime usage serves no purpose, as it will always be zero, or very near to zero.

This will make the user stats that show the log usage, into a realtime stat.

Prevent multiple spam filters with same name fixed

The spam filters allowed for multiple entires that had the same value. If you restored a backup multiple times, the spam settings get re-added multiple times as well.

user httpd.conf to be set to proper group fixed

set user httpd.conf to be chgrp to the user.

Anyone with frontpage problems as a result of this, type:

echo "action=rewrite&value=httpd" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue

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