Version 1.57.1

Released: 2019-05-29

CMD_SYSTEM_INFO not showing 3rd/4th php versions new

Fixed CMD_SYSTEM_INFO to show php3 and php4 based on the CustomBuild options.conf file.

Segfault during domain name change fixed

Bug introduced in 1.57.0 relating to the mail_partition feature:

Custom partition location for email

causing a segfault when renaming a domain name.

openlitespeed in services.status for new installs fixed

Bug where openlitespeed was in the services.status file at install time.

Work-around to resolve, edit:


and remove the "openlitespeed" line from the file.

Brute Force Monitor: table optimization fixed

Found a case where the was producing 119070 blocked IPs.

Many were duplicate values.

This caused the table sorting to chew on IP comparisons for quick a while.

Swapped the sorting over to a quick-sort, which is far quicker, but does lose the ability for sub-sorting (which is not used here anyway)

Tally: monthly reset to log start/finish in system.log fixed

Minor change.

Moved the log entries:

Reset All has started

Reset All has finished

to the system.log, instead of the errortaskq.log.

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