Version 1.19.1

Released: 2003-08-16

Ability to specify the mysql.sock new

As we work for more flexibility with other operating systems, we need to be able to change the mysql socket on the fly (per install). By adding:


to the /usr/local/directadmin/conf/mysql.conf file, it will use this socket instead of the defaults ( /var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock for redhat and /tmp/mysql.sock for freebsd)

Version numbers for services added to system information. new

Added the version numbers for the current versions of the default services.

Extra api features for CMD_API_SHOW_USER_DOMAINS new

Added information for this api command:

bandwidth used:bandwidth limit:disk usage for the domain:log usage for the domain:# of subdomains:suspended:max disk usage:ssl:cgi



Ability to add Virtual Nameservers without owning any ips new

Previous to this change, a Reseller was required to have 2 ips in order to add virtual nameservers. (He could add many ns's to those 2 ips). Since ips are scarce, the feature will now use the 2 ips from the default nameserver on the server if less than 2 ips are selected when creating nameservers.

Ensure the SOA value is one of the NS in the dns zone. new

Previous to this change, the SOA remained the same value that it was set to upon it's creation. Now, whenver the zone file is written, DirectAdmin ensures that the SOA is one of the NS values. If not, it will use the first NS in the list (sorted alphabetically, so ns1.* will come before ns2.*).

Change serial in the zone file to standard YYYYMMDDRR new

Change the serial from the old time() format, to use the more recognized YYYYMMDDRR format, where RR is the revision number. It will increase the value of RR by 1 each time the file is written on that day. If the file is written at a later date the value will set back to zero, and the DD will be increased.

Mailing list file permissions fixed

Similar problem to the previous one where the files are not correctly set.

Temporary Workaround:

Delete/Create the Mailing list. Do not use the add/remove feature in DirectAdmin as it will set the incorrect permission. Only add/remove emails via

Delete Admin causes Resellers to have no creator (apache might die) fixed

If a Reseller is suspended at the time his creator Admin is deleted, that reseller will have no creator and his httpd.conf will point to a suspended section, which owned by the creator that doesn't exist. This will cause apache to fail. Fix will set the creator of all resellers created by that admin to the admin who is deleteing the other admin.

Mysqldump wasn't dumping the databases due to lack of LOCK privileges fixed

Mysql 4.0.* now has the setting to lock databases. During the table privilege upgrade from 3 to 4, the lock permission is not granted. Since we support both mysql 3 and 4, we cannot grant the lock tables privilege without causing havoc for mysql 3 users (would generate errors because the column doesn't exist). For this reason the tables won't be explicitly locked, and will rely on the automatic table locking generated by the select statement.

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