Version 1.17.0

Released: 2003-07-26

Log rotation for apache logs of size greater than "X" new

A new feature such large apache logs will be compressed and rotated will be added. This will fix a few problems including massive log eating up disk space, massive logs exceeding system limits (2 gig or so), and should also speed up the webalizer computations, as less data means less number crunching. Webalizer has a feature to preserve (-p) data from the last run. With this feature, we are able to rotate logs without the loss of any data.

SKINS: admin/admin_settings.html


                <td class=list>
                        Apache Log Rotate Size (Megabytes)
                <td class=list>
                        <input type=text name=log_rotate_size value="|ROTATESIZE|" size=32>

After Max file upload size.

Allow forwards and pop accounts to have the same name. new

Remove the check for duplcate pop accounts and forwarders so that users can more easily create carbon copies of messages for themselves.

Pop before Smtp new

Added a little binary that will run, parsing the /var/log/maillog for new vm-pop3d entries containing successful logins. It then adds the ips for those logins to /etc/virtual/pophosts. They will stay there for 30 minutes, then the da-popb4smtp daemon will remove the old ips.

The messages system is sending links to the received messages as http instead of https when ssl is being used for DirectAdmin.

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