Version 1.25.2

Released: 2005-10-15

List Users to have same search feature as Show All Users (SKINS) new

Added quick search option for domain and green/red/orange colors for at-a-glance status.



<table class=list cellpadding=3 cellspacing=1>
<form action="" method="GET" name=searchform>
<tr><td class=listtitle>
Show Domains that Contain <input type=text size=12 class=inputclass name=value7
|*if value7|
<input type=hidden name=comparison7 value="contains">
<input type=hidden name=sort1 value="7">
<input type=hidden name=sort1dir value="1">
<input type=hidden name=sort2dir value="1">
<input type=hidden name=ipp value="50">
<input type=submit value="Search">
<input type=button value="Clear Search" onClick="document.searchform.value7.value=''; document.searchform.submit();">

<script language="javascript">

This will change the way symbolic links are shown in the filemanager.

The linked path will not be followed, instead DA will be 'less smart' about it, and treat the link as the system wants to. This means, (for example), the /domains/public_html link will be viewed as /domains/public_html when clicked, and will not follow the link to /domains/

The link value will be displayed next to the name, eg:

public_html -> ./domains/

This change was made in order to allow the stats symbolic link to be deleted, because currently, when you select the symbolic link for 'stats', it tries to delete the directory it points to, instead of the link itself.

'Unable to create ~/.shadow in' in error.log fixed

The DA process didn't have permission at the point in the creation process to create the .shadow file (they were lowered earlier on in the process). Upped the rights again to allow creation.

Multi server doesn't delete remote zone on user delete fixed

The user deletion when deleting a user was using an incorrect domain variable (there are 2 available in that code location). When using the Dns Admin, this variable did match the correct value, but when deleting the user, it didn't, thus the delete command was sent to delete an blank domain name.

Temporary workaround is to remove "check domain" from the multi server if you are moving users around. Be sure to re-enable the option when you are done.

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