Version 1.38.3

Released: 2011-04-19

user_warning_thresh_disk variable for disk usage warning new

The previous value for this was hardcoded at 95%.

This changes it to a variable:


which is the internal default in directadmin.

To change it, add the above to the directadmin.conf and change the value as desired.

This related to the warning that goes out for Users when they go over 80% bandwidth (user_warning_thresh=80), or 95% disk usage.

The 95 can now be changed.

zone NS '' has no address records (A or AAAA) fixed

Related to this feature:

Use named-checkzone to better filter dns records

When creating a new domain, where the nameservers are to be set to ns1/ns2 values in the same zone.. of those ns1/ns2 A records don't exist (which they don't when a domain is created), you'll see this error:

Could not write domain's db file in /etc/bind

User added to named.conf file successfully

Unable to save dns zone: named-zonecheck returned:

loading "" from "/etc/bind/" class "IN"

zone NS '' has no address records (A or AAAA)

zone NS '' has no address records (A or AAAA)

zone not loaded due to errors.

Error creating Domain

The solution is to add a check when creating a new domain.

DA will cycle through all NS records before they're written.

If any of the NS records are values within this zone, then DA will add those values to the zone to satisfy the named-zonecheck call.

If the A or AAAA records already exist (DA checks both short and long forms), it will not add the record.

If the IP is IPv6, DA will add it as an AAAA.

Note: The IP chosen for this will be that of the domain, foor both ns1 and ns2 values (whatever the NS records are set to use).

This means, if you need different IPs, you must set them later.

A note is added when creating the domain to ensure this is done.

Previously, no A records were added with ns1/ns2, but named-zonecheck wasn't called.

This didn't throw any errors, but the admin would need to add them later on anyway.

This is along the same lines, but allows for the named-zonecheck to still be used, and has more room for error if they happen to forget to add the A/AAAA records.

The workaround is of course to simply shut off the check:

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