Version 1.27.1

Released: 2006-05-12

Administrivia option in mailing lists (SKINS) new

Added an option to the interface to turn on/off the administrivia option in majordomo lists.




<td class=list>Administrivia</td><td class=list>|administrivia|</td></tr>

CMD_EMAIL_ACCOUNT_QUOTA to have quota limit as well new

When calling the CMD_EMAIL_ACCOUNT_QUOTA command, you can also include "quota=yes" in the request and DA will return:


where 1234 is the bytes limit for that account.

0 is unlimited.

If it's the system account:


is returned as the quotas are not stored in the /etc/virtual/ file like the virtual pop accounts are.

Month is off by one in the bandwidth details page. fixed

The format:

2006 04 10

is off by one month.

The "struct tm time" structure uses the tm_mon value from 0-11, so the fix is a simple +1.

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