Version 1.34.3

Released: 2009-11-14

Protected Directories buttons dissappeared from filemanager fixed

With the implementation of the encoding fix for the filemanager, the protected directories button dissappeared. This was because the encoded filename was being checked on disk for existence, instead of the true filename.

encoding issue in the filemanager

timestamp of tickets not accurate fixed

The first message in a series of messages from a ticket will keep having it's timestamp updated because the conf file was used for the message time. That same conf file is resaved each send by the "creator" to save the open/closed status. This causes the first message's send time to always be updated which was correct. Solution was to use the timestamp from the msg file instead.

Also added a link in the "from" part of each message to link to the User's profile.

Check aliases for foreign subdomain owner fixed

Relating to this guide:

Option to prevent creating subdomain of a different user.

it will now also check the owner of the domain when creating domain pointers/aliases, to ensure the current User owns the domain.

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