Version 1.30.0

Released: 2007-06-20


api to resend welcome emails.

custom package items are included (the whole user.conf in included).


user=username,, ...
newpass=yes or no

If set to "newpas=no", the password field will show:

* irretrievable *

in the password token.

CMD_API_MAIL_QUEUE && API for server uptime new

API for the mail queue (CMD_MAIL_QUEUE)

Also, a method to obtain the uptime for API commands.

method: GET or POST

View the list


gives the queue output.


where id# is the ID of the email message.

where data# is the encoded array of data, eg:

View one message



headers=full headers
logs=eximlogs for that message.
do something on that message



then one of:


where the variable data itself doesn't matter, only that the given button is passed, and only 1 button/action.

auto purging of spamboxes (SKINS) new

Option to have DA do a daily check on spambox and purge emails older than a given age (setting), eg 30 days, to free up disk space.

This feature will only function on Maildir (dovecot) inboxes.. as mbox (vm-pop3d) mailboxes require a large amount of parsing.

Possibly add dropdown to be able to select box to purge.

The option in the directadmin.conf is:

purge_spam_days=0 (it doesn't exist in the file, but that's the default value)

If you want to turn on the purging of emails older than 30 days for example, you'd set:


save/exit, then restart DA.



|*if USE_DOVECOT="yes"|
<td class=list>
Automatically Purge Spambox data
<td class=list>
After <input type=text name=purge_spam_days value="|PURGE_SPAM_DAYS|" size=2 maxlength=3> days. (0 = never)

replaced (meg) with (MB) and added missing units (SKINS) new

Minor cosmetic change. Repalced (meg) in the tables with (MB). This might apply to anyone doing hardcoded table translations. Also added the |LANG_MB| into the skins where applicable.


CMD_API_PERL_MODULES a list of perl modules.

Returns value in list form:


create ftp directory for custom paths new

when a custom path is entered for a new ftp account, that path will be created along with the account.

spam filter overwiting previous words fixed

When blocking a new word.. if it's the 11th word, it will overwrite a previous entry.

Off-by-one error.

From address in system messages to be set to Resellers email fixed

Check the code to ensure the messages system emails are being sent from the correct address, as specified in the Reseller's User name and email settings.

If the "name" value in the Reseller's User options is still set to his username, then DA will ignore that and use the default "Message System" name instead.

Note that you can change the "Message System" text via the directadmin.conf:

Ability to customize the "Message System" name in the message system emails

for the case you want a different default when Reseller don't change their names.

error in saving reseller welcome message fixed

Admin Level -> Create Reseller -> Edit Reseller Message -> Save

Will generate an error.

In the /var/log/directadmin/error.log, you'll see:

2007:06:04-22:42:04: User::createRWF

Which basically means that the virtual function for the Reseller class wasn't matching up to the base virtual function in the User class, so the User plecibo was being called instead and the error was being generated.

The fix was to match the overloaded function in the virtual User base class with the real function in the Reseller class.

lost password reset to unsuspend account fixed

The lost password feature will reset a password for a user. If that account is suspended, the password crypt will begin with a ! character, which is how the system knows it's suspended. The password reset feature will simply write a new password and cause the ! to be lost, thus unsuspending the password.

added --ignore-failed-read to tar command during backup creation fixed

Added the tar option --ignore-failed-read to prevent tar from breaking during the backup process if a file is deleted or modified while tar is working on it.

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