Version 1.22.3

Released: 2004-07-31

Full system backup via Admin Panel (SKINS) - Must Run script new

*NOTE: to complete this update and to use ftp with the the full system backups, you must run:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/scripts

This uses sysbk as mentioned on the forum. Added FreeBSD support. Can handle ftp and scp. (It wil install ncftp and also gives a link to the file).

  • files_admin.conf- CMD_SYSTEM_BACKUP=admin/system_backup.html

  • admin/system_backup.html- new file

  • admin/content_main.html- link to CMD_SYSTEM_BACKUP

  • lang/en/admin/content_main.html- text for link

  • lang/en/admin/system_backup.html- language file for new file

The update should run ./ which will in turn install sysbk, ncftp and add /root/.ssh/id_dsa if it doesn't exist.

Note: If you plan on using scp, no passwords are passed during the backup. You must use the file (link on backups page) and add it to /home/username/.ssh/authorized_keys2 on the machine that will receive the backup. You might need to manually run

/usr/local/sysbk/sysbk -s

manually to make sure it uploads all files without waiting for user input (because it's not going to get any when run by DA)

add links to domains in a popup window.


Api for forwarders (aka email aliases)


returns url encoded list of all forwarders


Ability to change the name of a domain (SKINS) new

ability to change the name of a domain easily without having to delete it and recreate it.

User Panel -> Domain Administration -> Change a Domain Name



<a href="CMD_CHANGE_DOMAIN">Change a Domain Name</a><br>


see skins


LF_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS=user/additional_domains.html (enhanced skin)


Set the sender address when sending mail through php mail() new


php_admin_value sendmail_path '/usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i -f |USER|@|DOMAIN|'

to the virtualhost templates so that exim doesn't show the hostname of the sender address, but instead shows the domain of the user who's sending the mail. Useful for tracking spammers who abuse the php mail() function.

Outlook reg files don't like https fixed

Outlook email reg files arn't working with ssl.

IE counldn't handle:

Cache-Control: no-cache
Pragma: no-cache

in https for anything but text/plain.

special encoded characters fixed

Not going to make it into this release.

Plugin passwords being rejected fixed

The passwords being passed to DA from the 2nd section of the Plugin Manager are posted using the


encoding to support the file upload. Some passwords are being encoded in such a way that DA cannot decode them.

Workaround: change your password to a simple format (plain ascii a-zA-Z0-9) temporarily when using that portion of the plugin manager.

install webmail after cusotmapache fixed

so that the apache user exists and the directories are set correctly.

Edit admin welcome message generates error fixed

2004:07:15-11:33:37: User::createAWF

Small bug with overloading functions and inheritance (virtual functions).

da-popb4smtp to accommodate the new log format for vm-pop3d 1.1.7f-T6 fixed

The new log format for vm-pop3d is preventing the da-popb4smtp program from parsing out the IP address of the connecting users. This means the IP won't be added to the /etc/virtual/pophosts file, preventing the popb4smtp authentication from working.

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