Version 1.29.6

Released: 2007-05-03

custom httpd config doesn\'t show httpd.conf file fixed

A change in the httpd.conf permissions prevented the custom httpd configuration page to not be able to see the file. Fix is to increase the access rights of the process to see the chmod 600 file.

Workaround, set the httpd.conf to 644 until the next release (as needed)

Frontpage not able to read user httpd.conf fixed

The fpadmcgi.exe program reads the httpd.conf while running as the user. This will change the ownership of the user httpd.conf file, to:


and chmod to 640.

Related errors:

Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions: Error #2005d Message: The server extensions were unable to access the file "httpd.conf". Please check the file permissions. (userid 123)
May  3 17:47:45 sp1 Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions:    (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) (userid 123)

*** Note: a mass rewrite of the httpd.conf files is not issued, as we don't want to break any customizations if any admins have changed their httpd.conf flie manually.

You can do anything you'd like that will trigger an httpd.conf rewrite to get the files saved to the correct setings, eg:

echo "action=rewrite&value=httpd" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue

or add/remove a subdomain, or Disable/enable the frontpage extensions..etc..

certain 8 bit asii characters null the string in the log viewer fixed

If certain high value characters are in a log, when viewed in the DirectAdmin log viewer, that specific character will not be shown, along with any data after it. This was due to the way characters were read in from the file (char format). Switching to an int allowed for 8-bit characters thus preventing these character in the 7-bit char format from being invalid. The logs themselves are not affected, and no harm can be done to your system. The bug simply prevented the rest of the log after that character from being viewed in the log viewer.

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