Version 1.17.3

Released: 2003-08-04

Send welcome mail to admin as well as user. new

The request was made to send a copy of the welcome email to the Reseller's email account as well as the users. Added.

Slight upgrades to login system. new

An error message is now shown if a user logs in incorrectly. Also the referring address that was issued before the login screen is passed so that upon successful login, the user will be forwarded to that screen.

Also, a hidden variable named FAIL_URL can be passed so that DirectAdmin can forward the user to that screen upon a failed login attempt. This value must be a full url, including http:// or https://


<input type=hidden name=FAIL_URL value="">

Named zone file templates new

Ability to customize the way DirectAdmin writes zone data in the /etc/named.conf file.

Adding IP used wrong broadcast address fixed

Old method used an incorrect broadcast address for use with ips and netmasks. Now the correct broadcast is calculated and used along the other values.

After the update, a simple reboot will load the correct broadcast addresses.

Mysql password wasn't changed when user changes their system passoword fixed

When a user's password password is changed, the password for his mysql account wasn't be changed along with it. This caused problems when trying to do backups of mysql databases because the current login password is compared to the old password stored in the database, so if they don't match, you'll get errors. It now changes the password for user "username" in mysql when the system password is changed.

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