Version 1.08.0

Released: 2003-06-17

Installer is even more thorough for checking new

If the named binary can't be found, it stops.. if named.conf or don't' exist, they'll automatically be downloaded. MySQL root and password will be tested before the install is attempted. Too many people had already set their root passwords on pre-installed versions of mysql, then forgot them. Changing the root mysql password was too much of a pain.

Php open basedir has been added to the default templates new

The following values have been added to the virtualhosts templates

php_admin_value safe_mode 1
php_admin_value open_basedir |HOME|/

which is a mini version of jaling the user.

DirectAdmin is compiled as a static binary new

There can be many different compiles of the same library that DirectAdmin relies on. Some versions will break DirectAdmin. A static binary will include all of these libraries built in. However, this comes at a cost, size. Since all the libaries are included, the size of the binary will be much larger, but should never break.

Multiple forwarders bug fixed

Fixed the ability to adde multiple forwarders.

Forwarder Limit Reached bug fixed

The forwarder limit was being checked against the pop limit.. simple one character typo. So if you wern't allowed to create anymore pop accounts, you couldn't create another forwarder. Simple fix.

Quota's now uses the system binaries, not the api fixed

Some people have different kernels, such as vps, or even just custom compiled kernels. To keep things from breaking, the quotas are now set with the setquota binary and disk usagea are read using the repquota command.

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