Version 1.61.2

Released: 2020-06-02

Segfault on E-Mail usage fixed

Fixed segfault when viewing the E-Mail usage page.

But was introduced in 1.61.1.

Php versions showing comma fixed

Bug introduced in 1.61.1 causing php versions to have a comma on some cases, eg:

php-fpm 7,3

instead of:

php-fpm 7.2

Used LC_NUMERIC=C to force the default decimals while still allowing other locales.

Cannot load lang request: Language file has no entries fixed

When viewing the CustomBuild Plugin, this error was being generated. Issue reported as of 1.61.1.

We've removed that error as it's likely common that plugins will not have all languages, so instead of an error, it will generate debug 10 output instead, and will generate an empty json list:

Related call:


now generates:


to suppress the error notice.

File Manager: Restore: overwrite and retain text extension fixed

The "Trash" folder in the File Manager will now offer the option to overwrite existing files if they conflict with the restore path (move them to the trash).

For Enhanced, this only applies to the multi-select "restore" button where

The per-file option will always have overwrite=yes (again, if a conflict, it will move the conflict to the trash).

The Evolution skin will have a popup for both.

In the event that ovewrite is not selected and there is a conflict, previously any conflict (eg: index.php) would be renamed to index.php.1

However, this is not great, as a .1 file may show it's plain-text, which is insecure.

For any "text" file, a file which has an "edit" icon next to it, they will be restored to index.1.php where the incremental number is set before the extension.

Everything else which is in conflict will still use the "" method.

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