Version 1.60.1

Released: 2020-01-28

CageFS: Pre-load /var/log/user_logs/username at creation, no removal with awstats/webalizer fixed

When CageFS is used with awstats (verbalizer likely also affected), the /var/log/user_logs/username is created, logs are linked, stats processed, then the /var/log/user_logs/username is removed.

When the username folder is created, if it's not visible to the User within CageFS, so the command "cagefsctl --remount username" is called so the new folder can be accessed.

This is fine, unless the User has any running processes, as the remount will kill all processes (including any services running as that User), which may be undesirable.

Ticket 23415

SpamAssassin: SAFE_CODE not filling token fixed

Bug where the lack of exiting custom tags prevented the token from being filled, causing the following in the ~/.spamassasin/user_prefs file:

#SAFE AREA start



after updating a re-save will solve the error.

Compile time: Jan 27 2020 at ~21:50:08


Nginx: directadmin-ips.conf loading data/users/apache/nginx_php.conf which does not exist (TEMPLATES) fixed

A previous fix for a DA IP config that was missing a "reseller" setting defaults to USER=apache.

  1. For nginx, this should have been the first admin in the server, so this is set to the USER if the "reseller" is blank in the ip config.

  2. Extra condition added to the template to ensure it's not added if missing:


|*if HAS_NGINX_PHP_CONF="yes"|
include /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/|USER|/nginx_php.conf;

After updating, run:

cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild
./build rewrite_confs
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