Version 1.648

Released: 2022-03-??

Access to DirectAdmin GUI via Cloudflare proxy new

A new directadmin.conf option accept_cloudflare_proxy_requests enables DirectAdmin GUI to detect requests comming from Cloudflare and extract correct end user IP address.

Without this option accessing DirectAdmin GUI via CloudFlare uses Cloudflare edge node IP address as client IP. This leads to inacurate information in the logs or blocking blocking Cloudflare IPs after failed login attempts.

Concurrent cPanel imports improved

cPanel imports feature is upgraded to support concurrent execution. Multiple number of imports (up to 20) can be ran concurrently for faster accounts importing.

Using custom sub-domain document root when creating sub-domain improved

When creating sub-domain it is now possible to pick non-standard sub-domain document root location.

Creating sub-domain via API and using /CMD_SUBDOMAIN endpoint now accepts field public_html which specifies a non-standard sub-domain document root.

Usage example:

curl -s -k -X POST -d '{"domain":"","subdomain":"sub","json":"yes","action":"create","public_html":"/domains/"}' -s $(da api-url --user=john)/CMD_SUBDOMAIN?json=yes

Would add a new sub-domain for user john with the old document root location /domains/

File /etc/bashrc is added to jailshell environment improved

Jailshell script is updated to include /etc/bashrc file in the jail file system. On RHEL based systems this file is referenced by /etc/profile which is already present in the jailed file-system.

Adding this file will make jail shells more consistent with non-jailed shells.

This change also bumps jailshell script version to 0.10.

Convert cPanel domain aliases with mailboxes to separate domains improved

cPanel import feature is changed to always convert domain aliases with mailboxes to new domains when importing to DirectAdmin.

Old behaviour was to only convert domain alias to completely new domain if merging all alias mailboxes into main account mailbox causes conflicts.

CustomBuild software versions improved custombuild

  • phalcon5 updated from 5.1.4 to 5.2.1
  • composer updated from 2.5.3 to 2.5.4
  • mod_hostinglimits updated from 1.0-39 to 1.0-41
  • igbinary updated from 3.2.13 to 3.2.14

Subdomain content removal for custom document roots when subdomain is deleted fixed

Previous DA versions would not remove sub-domains document root directory if document root were customized. This release fixes the issue and ensures content is removed when Remove Directory Content flag is checked.

Removed legacy Outlook configuration download action removed evolution

Action to download mailbox configuration as Windows registry patch for Outlook is removed.

It no longer works with modern Windows operating systems.

Removed Outlook Configuration Action

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