Version 1.17.2

Released: 2003-08-01

Ability to create a Reseller with his own shared IP new

Reseller's were limited to being created with an IP either as the server's shared IP, or an ip owned by the reseller, where no other domains would be able to be added. Reseller can now be created with a shared IP owned by them, so they'll be able to add additional users to that ip.




need to add one more option to the select box for the account type.

<option selected value=sharedreseller>Shared - Reseller's IP</option>
<option value=sharedreseller |SHAREDRESELLER|>Shared - Reseller's IP</option>


Ability for Reseller to modify his User settings and swap his own IP new

A reseller now has access to his User settings so that he can change his User's limits and can now swap the ip he's using. Note that he will not be able to see the "customer comments" box, and he will not be able to modify his own reseller settings. His User account is still limited by his Reseller account.

SKINS: added one link to reseller/show_users.html

<a href="CMD_MODIFY_USER?user=|USERNAME|">Modify your User settings.</a>

Increased username maximum to 10 new

Increased the maximum number of allowed characters to 10 as requested.


  • javascript.html
  • admin/create_admin.html
  • admin/create_reseller.html
  • reseller/create_user.html

change all instances of "8" for the user limit to 10.

da-popb4smtp wasn't adding ip's to the list fixed

There was a bug where the program wouldn't work for days that only had one digit. This was because the program was written in 1 day at the end of July, where days were 2 digits. When August 1st came around, there was an extra space added by syslog, so the parser didn't know what to do.. Simple fix for a simple bug 😃

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