Version 1.11.1

Released: 2003-06-26

DA Task Queue optimized to handle large volumes of users fixed

The task queue has been changed around a bit in how it does a few things in order to minimize the number of forks and file descriptors it needs to open. A few servers with large numbers of users caused it to open too many file descriptors and it doesn't finish what it started. This caused stats and usages to be left un-updated. Also added was a feature where it checked the age of an existent pid file so that it will just start to run anyway if the pid is older than 7 minutes.

Remove handlers and mime.types file when domain is deleted fixed

Very minor bug where 2 files are left behind when a domain is deleted. Fixed. It did not affect any functionality in any way... the only thing that would result is if the domain was recreated, the mime type and handler data would already exist... oh no!!

Added character to list of valid characters in a webpath fixed

added the ~ character. It's used for accessing The redirect wasn't allowing it, fixed.

Relaxed limit on protected directory usernames fixed

protected directory usernames can now be any length greater than zero, but must only contain a-z0-9. They essentially now use the same rules as email names.

Change User IP doesn't create virtual host for shared ftp. fixed

If an IP is set to shared and there arn't any users on it yet, when moving a user to it, the shared ftp virtualhost isn't being created. Fixed for 1.111.

Workaround: create and remove a temp user on that ip.

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