Version 1.19.5

Released: 2003-10-05

Show OS version on license screen new

Shows the operating system the binary was compiled for. The binary used is specified in the license in our clients system, and not in the license file itself.

SKINS: add

<tr><td class=list>Compiled for</td><td class=list>|OS_NAME|</td></tr>

in admin/license.html

|OS_NAME| can be used on ALL pages for any user type.

eg: RedHat 9.0

Pop disk usage for each pop account new

Added size in meg of each pop mbox file beside each pop account. Realtime stats, so it will show the current value.

Delete Domain cannot remove files owned by root fixed

When a user deletes a domain, the deletion process is done as that user, so any files owned by root (stats/logs) won't be able to be deleted. The stats and logs directories are now removed before the rest of the domain's files are removed.

When directadmin is trying to figure out the disk space for a domain, it opens a directory, adds up the files, and if there are any directories, repeat the same on it.

What was happening is someone created a symbolic link to it's parent directory:

file -> .

while means you can go infinitely deep on "file":


So DA got stuck into an infinite loop.

Fix will prevent DirectAdmin from following symbolic links.

Exim 4 autoresponders and vacation messages fixed

Error in the exim configuration was preventing them from functioning properly.

This fix will have to be applied manually, as many clients have customized their exim.conf.

the main changes are:


   driver = accept
   condition = ${lookup{$local_part} lsearch {/etc/virtual/${domain}/vacation.conf}{yes}{no}}
   require_files = /etc/virtual/${domain}/reply/${local_part}.msg
   transport = uservacation


   driver = accept
   condition = ${lookup{$local_part} lsearch {/etc/virtual/${domain}/autoresponder.conf}{yes}{no}}
   require_files = /etc/virtual/${domain}/reply/${local_part}.msg
   transport = userautoreply

Vacation message not being activated if message already existed. fixed

Vacation message wasn't being updated when the vacation message was already on. The update message is stored in the *.msg_off file but wasn't being copied to the regular used file because it already existed.

SSL certifcate/key pair verification. fixed

Added extra check to ensure that the certificate and key are a valid pair. Prevents Users from using invalid cert/key's which will prevent apache from starting.

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