Version 1.21.2

Released: 2004-03-09

API for subdomains new


if nothing else is given, the list is generated ( list[]=sub&list[]=secure )




(select1=subname2, select2=subname3..etc)
contents=yes or no : if you want to delete the directory.

Ability to add IP ranges new

Adding ability to add IP an IP range instead of typing each IP in one at a time.

Just enter:

to add,, and

International Domain names (SKINS) new

Change DA to accommodate international domain names, as well as all javascript in the skins.

eg: ÅÆØ.com

user/add_domain.html, domainOK:

var filter = /^(([a-z0-9¡-ÿ\-])+\.)+([a-z0-9]{2,4})+$/;

Mysql Menu now shows Database sizes new

User Panel -> MySQL

Shows the current size of the database in the fourth column.

This uses "SHOW TABLE STATUS FROM db_name", this will work for databases on other servers.

Also using this metod for tally disk usage, so it will be included for remote databases.

Database and Email Disk Usage on Stats page new

Now Shows the Database and Email disk usage on the user stats page. Requires a tally.

API for databases new


no parameters:

lists the databases with encoded url: list[]=username_db1&list[]=username_db2

name=dbname  (username_ will be added)
user=user (username_ will be added)
(select1=username_db2, etc...)

Public_html not being created fixed

On user creation the public_html symbolic link isn't being created for /~username. Workaround is to go into the User Panel -> Advanced Options -> Domain Administration -> select the domain and click "Set As Default". This will create the public_html link for the user.

User Backups/Restores fixed

A few bug reports coming in, more info to come.

  1. IP selected for restore isn't being used; generates that you do not own the IP

workaround: Manually add the task to the /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue file:

echo "action=restore&type=reseller&value=multiple&owner=resellername&where=local&when=now&select0=george.tar.gz&ip_choice=select&ip=" >> /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue

replace resellername with the reseller name, george.tar.gz You can add more select#=file if you want. Also replace with the correct IP.

  1. Redhat 9.0 isn't correctly parsing 45 with "echo".. some places use 452 (for example) to print out %2, but echo is using all 4 digits, which generates something else. Fix is to replace the 2 with escaped characters as well. (going to be very ugly)

Frontpage is changing the group ownership on the public_html fixed

The group on /home/username/domains/ should be "apache" but frontpage is setting it to "username" ... fix will reset it back to apache after frontpage is installed.

Show all Users Sort shows domains under name field. fixed

Show all Users Sort shows domains under name field.

More info to come when the source of the bug is found.

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