Version 1.21.0

Released: 2004-02-12

Ability to set Email Address for User from Reseller Panel new

Can change the Users email address from the reseller panel instead of having to login as the user, and changing it from their account info/stats page.

Also added the "Name" field which can also be changed.

The form is located directly on the CMD_SHOW_USER page.

Don't setup access hosts for db users without the username_user format new

If a user is manually added to a mysql database, but doesn't follow the username_user format, da previously didn't care and would add/remove access hosts for that user because he's been granted access to the db. The change will check for the correct username format and not change the users' access hosts if the name doesn't fit the format.

Disable MX record modification if DNS control is disabled new

Disable the modification of the DNS records when the dns control is disabled.

Backup feature to backup all user information (SKINS major) new

Now includes all user settings and logs, and can be used by Resellers to restore multiple users all at once. Users will be able to restore their site with the same file, but the user settings will be ignored. As well, the backup file that is created from the User backup feature will be able to used in this feature. (from this version on)




see the included skins.

Note that the [coming soon] features will most likely require additinal skins changes. No date for the release of those features. Probably the next release.

<input type=checkbox name=user_backup value="yes" |USERBACKUPCHECKED|>

Adding mailing lists to backups. (SKINS) new

Adding Email Mailing lists to the site backup.


<tr><td class=list>Mailing Lists: Includes the list, digest-list and archives</td><td class=list><input type=checkbox name=select10 value="list" checked></td></tr>


<tr><td class=list>Mailing Lists:</td><td class=list><input type=checkbox name=select10 value="list" |LISTON|></td></tr>

Backed up log rotation (SKINS) new

Logs in /home/username/domains/ won't be deleted after they get old, and are owned by root. This feature will allow admin to specify how many backed up log files they want to store before deleting the old one. The ensures that users don't hog up the disk drive with old logs.

The default is 5, but can be set by adding "logs_to_keep=#" in the directadmin.conf

                <td class=list>
                        Keep Number of Apache Log Backups
                <td class=list>
                        <input type=text name=logs_to_keep value="|LOGSTOKEEP|" size=32>

Custom scripts for email creation/deletion/password changing new

adding scripts to the /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/custom/ for creating, deleting, and changing the passwords of virtual email accounts.




environment values:

user, domain, passwd, passwd2, username, quota


environement values:

user, domain, username


environmental values:

user, domain, passwd, [username, quota] #username and quota are not passed if the password change is done using "/CMD_CHANGE_EMAIL_PASSWORD"

Ability to bind DA to only 1 IP address. new

If a user needs to use port 443 for their copy of DA, then it will be required to bind DA to only 1 IP so that apache can still use other IPs with port 443. This can also be used if you only want DA accessible through your site, and you have your own IP address (any port).

To enable this feature, just add:


to you /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf, where is the ip you wish DA to bind to.

Unhide hidden files in Filemanager new

Unhide hidden files such as .htacess files in the Filemanager. They're also set to be editable.

da-popb4smtp to have option to set timeout new

Ability to set the timeout value for the program. Will be run as:

/usr/local/directadmin/da-popb4smtp t 15

for 15 minutes.

skins uploader for different filesystems. fixed

make the same changes as the file uploader for different filesystems. Used to "rename" but now does a full file copy/delete instead.

scripting in skins for chrooted environment fixed

Making the skins get pre-parsed for chrooted portions of DA (Filemanger and protected Directories). The php script will be run with the global tokens, but the page specific tokens are added after the script is run in these cases, so they won't be available for scripting. Only the global tokens can be used in the scripts.

Recount item numbers during tally. fixed

Recount the number of items during a nightly tally.


pop acocunts,

auto replies,


mailing lists..


don't create a system ftp account if zero ftp account are allowed fixed

don't create a system ftp account if zero ftp account are allowed. The system ftp account is created during the account creation which currently ignores the ftp account limit.

Update domain settings when account settings are updated fixed

For example, when SSL is turned off for the user, the domain setting would also need to be turned off. The checking is only currently for turning it on, not off.

Filter values don't like the $ character fixed

When setting up an email filter, if the $ character is used, the filter throws an error.

(-17): error in filter file: failed to expand "word$" in filter file: $ not followed by letter, digit, or {

Mailing lists with hyphen don't show up fixed

Due to the way DA finds the list of mailing lists, any list with a hyphen '-' don't show up in the list. Fix will make them show up.

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