Version 1.20.0

Released: 2003-11-09

Username length setting new

Many people want a longer username length. Adding a setting to let them specify the limit. The setting will be set in /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf as


the value should be between 8 and 14 (inclusive). If no value is set (default), 10 will be used.

Round Robin DNS new

Ability to specify more than one record for the same index. This is used for round robin DNS when you want one domain to have multiple IPs.

API to verify user password new

You must be logged in and have authority over that user.


method=GET or POST


passwd=password to test


valid=1 or 0

if there is an error, it also returns error=1&details=reason

Added SESSION_ID token new

SESSION_ID token has been added. Sample value:


Allow SSL to use a CA Root Certificate to get rid of the popup new

Feature will enable admins to setup their copy of DA with a Root Certificate along with there regular certificate and key. This will stop the ssl popup from appearing in web browsers.

to set this up, simply add the following to your /usr/local/directadmin/conf/directadmin.conf file:


Caching of files sent through DirectAdmin new

Although the html will never be cached, all other files, such as images or files downloaded through the filemanger will be cached. This will greatly increase load times.

Moved where the SSL certs are loaded to greatly speed up requests new

Previously, SSL certificates were loaded after the connection was made. This change puts the loading of the certificates before the connection is made and before all child forks. This means certificates are only loaded once as startup which should speed up SSL requests through DirectAdmin very significantly.

Even more default tokens new

































Squirrel Mail new

Adding Squirrel Mail.

Will be accessed via

You might have to restart apache and xinetd before it works.

service httpd restart

service xinetd restart


user/email/email.html - added the above link

also added IMG_SQUIRREL for the squirrelmail gif.

Reboot Feature new

Ability to reboot the server through Directadmin

Simply go to Admin Panel -> System / Services Info -> enter your password and click "Reboot"

No skins changes are required.

|DATECREATED| token for default index.html new

adding |DATECREATED| token for default index.html files.

Welcome message shows http even when DA is in https mode fixed

The template is hardcoded and cannot be changed before accounts are made. (ie: create a Reseller Accounts and the User welcome message that this new Reseller uses cannot be edited before the Reseller is created.

Fix: change the http to https when using SSL, and convert the welcome messages to use the template system. If the templates are in the custom directory, they will be used instead of the default ones.

To give the Reseller a User Welcome message template of your chosing, place the template you want into:


Also, when creating an admin, it first checks for existence of the r_welcome.txt, and will no longer overwrite it when you make a new Admin. You can also place a r_welcome.txt file in the custom directory, but it would only be used when you click "Reset" for the Reseller welcome message. (This is because there should already be one there admin it will never be overwritten, unless reset is clicked)

Better IP checking fixed

Improve the checking on IPs when passed through the DNS forms.

Email filter fix fixed

fix the html safe characters

Destroy _vti_pvt/services.cnf prior to installing frontpage fixed

Frontpage is quite picky about files when it tries to do installs/uninstalls. This will manually make sure that the files are completely gone before it attempting to install frontpage.

It will search all files and directories below /home/username/domains/

but will only go recursively 20 directories deep. It will also ignore all symbolic links.

Backup Log fix fixed

Monthly log reset backups wern't backing up logs properly.

SSL broken pipes cause parent process to panic fixed

When a download of an image is cancelled through your browser, this will generated a broken pipe. Normally this is not a big deal and the program will just finish without a problem. When a broken pipe is generated with SSL, it changes a few things in memory, so when DirectAdmin goes to cleanup the memory, things are where they should be and a segmentation fault is generated. This send the parent process into cpu eating loop as it waits for the child process to exit, which slows things down. The fix was to take note of a write error and to assume it's a broken pipe, then to take precaution when cleaning up after the program exits. This prevents a segfault and prevents the parent process from going nuts.

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