Version 1.643

Released: 2022-09-19

Integrated login page evolution new

Evolution skin has a new log-in page which is fully integrated into the skin application.

This allows avoiding application reload on login, and keeps smoother user experience.

Login page customizations evolution new

A new section in Customize Evolution Skin page allows changing images or adding completely custom styles for the Evolution login screen.

This section is global for the whole server and available only at admin level.

Option to make backups of all reseller/admin owned accounts evolution new

When creating new backup schedule (or ad-hoc backup request) it is now possible to select an option Selected Creators and their Users in the user selection list. This means it is enough selecting a list of resellers (or admins accounts) and all the users they own will be included as well.

CustomBuild script bundled with DA new

Starting this release DirectAdmin distribution bundles will always include CustomBuild script and its configuration files.

It is still possible to not use CustomBuild, but the files will always be available if needed.

Future updates to CustomBuild will be distributed together with DirectAdmin updates.

Menu help section has a new menu entry with a link to Evolution end-user documentationopen in new window.

Configuration option autopatch in directadmin.conf new

New configuration option autopatch in the directadmin.conf extends DirectAdmin auto-update mechanism by allowing to auto-update only to patch (hot-fix) releases. Patch releases are new DA builds where version stays the same but build ID changes.

When autopatch is set to 1 DA will auto-update if new build is detected.

11DirectAdmin is always auto-updated
01DirectAdmin is always auto-updated
10Only hot-fix releases are auto-updated, version changes require manual update
00Auto update mechanism is disabled

Default value of this configuration option is 1.

Updated Evolution menu customizations support evolution improved

Evolution skin stores menu customization in new format. This format only saves the changes to menu instead of full copy of the menu. Old behaviour used to cause problems when new menu entries were introduced with DA updates. For users having menu customizations to see new menu entries they needed to reset and set customizations from scratch.

New customizations format will allow new entries to appear without any changes in the menu customization section.

Merged login and main translations files for custom translations evolution improved

Evolution now uses a single file for custom (additional translations). Instead of having two files login-{cc}.po for login page and {cc}.po for main Evolution app all translations are now stored in single {cc}.po file.

Login page related translations are marked with special context string login-page. Example on how new merged translations file looks like can be found in dictionary.pot file or built-in translation files.

All custom translations files are expected to be stored as /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/evolution/lang/custom/{cc}.po. Loading from /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/evolution/lang/{cc}/lang.po is no longer supported. However DA update script will detect lang/{cc}/lang.po files and move them to lang/custom/{cc}.po during the upgrade.

Simplified custom translation files support evolution improved

It is no longer needed to specify custom translation list in the directadmin.conf field language_list for custom translation files to be used. If files are present in the lang/custom directory they will be always used.

Translations in custom translation file extends instead of replacing official translations that comes bundled with Evolution. This makes it much easier to change some translation strings without having to maintain always up-to date full translation file.

New translation lookup logic:

  1. Try using translation line from lang/custom/{lang}.po.
  2. If file does not exist, or does not contain the translation line, try using internal built-in translations. Built-in translations are inside Evolution source code but it has the same contents as lang/{lang}.po file.
  3. If file does not exist, or does not contain the translation line fall-back to English.

Note: File lang/{lang}.po is never actually read, it just contains a copy of internal translations that gets bundled with Evolution, so all custom translations must be placed inside lang/custom/{lang}.po, updating lang/{lang}.po will have no effect.

Automatic cPanel import task list reload evolution improved

Page for managing cPanel imports will now automatically reload every minute to keep the list of imports up to date. Refresh interval is configurable, can be disabled.

It can be controlled with a clock icon on the top right corder of the import tasks table.

Streaming logs for cPanel import tasks evolution improved

Checking the cPanel import task log for an active task will show a live stream of logs. New log entries will be shown without having to refresh the page.

Automatic files clean-up on upgrade improved

After upgrade files from old DA installations that are no longer needed will be automatically removed. Auto purge will be performed on the following directories:

  • .../data/skins/evolution
  • .../shared

Auto-purge logic will exclude custom Evolution languages or custom directories but will remove any stray files (not part of DA distribution bundle).

Default named_rename_hostname_zone config setting is 0 improved

With changes to the installation procedures, DNS zone for hostname is no longer created. Default value of named_rename_hostname_zone is changed to 0 to reflect that.

Show build ID in directadmin version command output improved

Command directadmin version output is changed to include build ID.

Old format:

Version: DirectAdmin v.1.643

New format:

DirectAdmin v.1.643 00112233445566778899aabbccddeeff00112233

Any external scripts using directadmin version output might need to be adjusted to the new format.

Show active hostname instead of server hostname in the titlebar evolution fixed

Evolution skin is updates to show the server name in the title bar that is used to load the DA interface instead of the main server host name.

cPanel import failure if account has no CA certificates file fixed

Importing an account which has TLS certificates but no root CA certificate file used to end up with import failure at the restore stage. This release fixes cPanel import script to successfully import such accounts.

Allow having custom exim.bubblewrap.conf fixed

If file templates/custom/exim.bubblewrap.conf exists it will be used instead of templates/exim.bubblewrap.conf. Old DA versions were ignoring custom file.

Widget names evolution fixed

Widgets configuration page now show proper widget names instead of widget codes.

CustomBuild version updates custombuild

Released as a hot-fix, the following version changes:

  • MariaDB 10.6 bumped from 10.6.9 to 10.6.10
  • PHP 7.4 bumped from 7.4.30 to 7.4.32
  • PHP 8.0 bumped from 8.0.23 to 8.0.24
  • PHP 8.1 bumped from 8.1.10 to 8.1.11

MariaDB 10.6 installation on AlmaLinux 9 custombuild

Mariadb 10.6 install was failing on AlmaLinux 9 x64 due to the missing library. Additional check was added to make sure it is present.

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