Version 1.647

Released: 2023-02-??

Apple-specific configuration profile for E-Mail Accounts evolution new

Added new action in the E-mail Accounts table to download an Apple-specific configuration profile for each account. Installation of such profile would allow user to easily setup email account on their iPhone, iPad or Mac device.

Fatal Error Handling on Evolution start-up evolution improved

Improve Evolution fatal error handling: track application start-up sequence and show meaningful message about the cause of the fail. Updated page gives more context to user and allows to copy stack-trace and additional error metadata for reports.

New error reporting replaces the old and usually misleading Ooooops! message.

Admin level maintenance task display evolution improved

Improve how tasks are shown in the admin level maintenance page by displaying how many and what tasks were completed. In addition, the check all button now outputs details for all tasks completed.

Relative files compress in FileManager evolution improved

FileManager compressed files relatively to the home root, leading to deeply nested structure inside archive. Updated behavior is to compress files relatively to the currently opened folder in FileManager.

Obsolete browser notification evolution improved

Browsers such as IE 11 are getting a blank page when trying to access DirectAdmin panel. We added an informative message that will display whether their browser is not supported by Evolution.

Customize Menu page was using outdated menu structure for customizations, preventing further possible improvements in data formats and functionality. Page is completely revamped to work on current menu structure and unlock further improvements to the customizations.

Updated styling of different menu updates badges across the Evolution layouts to make them look the same and follow the same logic.

Menu search function has increased matching threshold to lower the amount of returned results and hide the results that are not related to the search term.

This leads to more accurate search results.

Webalizer table improvements evolution improved

Webalizer table was improved by changing width of domain and subdomain columns to fit contents nicely inside.

Allow access to SSL Certificates user level page when SSL is disabled for domain evolution improved

The SSL Certificates page is now accessible even when SSL for a particular domain has been disabled. Because of this, user can now once again re-enable SSL for that domain if needed.

Resource limits for user account info evolution improved

Reseller's My Users page's Account Info tab now displays resource limits.

New API endpoints in Login Keys evolution improved

Improved Login Keys and Urls create, modify, list pages and processess to be more efficient and clear to the users.

CloudLinux software versions in main versions.txt custombuild improved

With this release DirectAdmin stores CloudLinux software versions in the main versions.txt file. Previous versions used to have separate file for CloudLinux software.

Main versions.txt file is extended with the following entries:

  • mod_hostinglimits 1.0-39
  • mod_lsapi 1.1-63
  • mod_proctitle 0.1-7
  • cl-php-litespeed 7.9

This allows CloudLinux software versions to be customized the same way as all other CustomBuild managed software. Via GUI or manually with custom_versions.txt file.

CloudLinux specific patches are now bundled with CustomBuild and stored in /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/patches/cloudlinux.

Notifications for DirectAdmin auto-updates improved

When DirectAdmin is auto-updated, system message gets send to all admins. This functionality is extended to be customizable based on a couple of new directadmin.conf fields:

  • notify_on_autoupdate (default 1) - controls whether system message gets sent on DirectAdmin auto-update to a newer version's release.
  • notify_on_autopatch (default 0) - controls whether system message gets sent on DirectAdmin auto-update to the same version's hotfix release.

New document root location for sub-domains improved

For all new sub-domains a default document root (location served by web-server) have changed from /home/{user}/domains/{domain}/{sub} to /home/{user}/domains/{subdomain}/public_html.

For example if user has domain, and creates sub-domain. Document root for sub-domain will be domains/ instead of domains/

Auto-detect disabled IPv6 in DA installer improved

Previous DA versions assumed IPv6 is always available and would always set ipv6=1 in the config unconditionally.

Starting this version DA installer will try to detect if OS has a working IPv6 stack. When it is not available IPv6 will not be enabled in directadmin.conf.

Fix menu search in refreshed layout evolution fixed

If upon menu search user has been changing user mode, search results were not updated properly and user could have seen reseller entries on user level, etc.

It is fixed it by making a search dependent on user menu entries.

Previously main search bar would close automatically if user clicked any of the filter options. The issue was fixed by properly managing click outside main search bar events.

Fix In-Progress table in Admin Backup/Transfer evolution fixed

Every 30 secods selected rows in in-progress backups table were unselected, due to data reload. Issue is fixed by properly restoring selection after the request.

Fix E-Mail filters table evolution fixed

Email filters page now loads the create new filter row correctly. Previously it would only appear after changing language or viewport.

Show all vacation accounts evolution fixed

When creating vacation message, generated API request would always pass the globally set items per page value as parameter. Because of this, not all mailboxes would end up being displayed.

Updated behaviour is to load all mailboxes.

System info widget in dashboard evolution fixed

System info widget was broken and was showing incorrect or none information at all. Now it is updated with new API endpoints and new visualisation for memory usage.

Log rotation for modsecurity with nginx fixed

Logfiles used by nginx modsecuryt were not being rotated due to modsecurity issueopen in new window.

This version updates logrotate rules for nginx modsecurity files to take care of truncating the file by logrotate using copytruncate directive.

Remove master login sidebar from "Refreshed" evolution removed

Master login sidebar in "Refreshed" layout was inconsistent with other layouts, as it was shown inside user layout, making it part of user UI and forcing user to switch between different interactions path on user change.

This update removes master login sidebar, replacing it with global component that is is used on other layouts, making the looks and placement consistent across layouts.

Deprecated Security Questions feature removed

Security Questions feature is being deprecated starting this release. We recommend everyone to migrate to TOTP based Two-Factor authentication.

It will not be possible to enable security questions for accounts that were not using security questions before.

Editing Security Questions settings or adding new questions is no longer supported.

Users that have security questions enabled can continue using them or disable.

Table density option evolution removed

Removed configuration option for tables density.

Auto-remove legacy CustomBuild plugin removed custombuild

Starting this version DA installer will detect and automatically remove old CustomBuild plugin in favor of native CustomBuild integration.

Native CustomBuild integration is available only on Evolution skin.

Deprecated mod_php, suphp and mod_ruid2 PHP modes removed custombuild

With this release running PHP in mod_php, suphp or mod_ruid2 mores are no longer supported.

If one of the deprecated mores are enabled CustomBuild will refuse to perform any software reconfiguration action.

We recommend switching to more modern PHP modes:

/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/build set php1_mode php-fpm
/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/build set php1_mode fastcgi
/usr/local/directadmin/custombuild/build set php1_mode lsphp

CustomBuild option cloudlinux_beta removedcustombuild

Support for using beta CloudLinux versions by setting cloudlinux_beta flag in CustomBuild options.conf file is removed.

CustomBuild will always use non-beta CloudLinux software versions.

Removed option allow_subdomain_docroot_override from directadmin.conf removed

Option allow_subdomain_docroot_override is removed, changing subdomain document root will be always allowed.

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