Version 1.27.5

Released: 2006-08-30

the public_html symlink can take up a lot of space in the filemanager.. Changing link path to a hover-over popup with the true path to save space in the cell.

multi pupose script called after all POST's new

A script that's called (if it exists) after all POST's done by a User in DA.

All of the relevant info is passed to the script. Possibly add a script for it as well, with the option of returning a non-zero value to shut down whatever commands you want.

custom script names:

The script won't be able to stop the command from running, obviously, as it's called after the command has actually completed, however a non-zero return value will still abort the usual output to generate text to the screen. CMD_API commands will work as well.. the output from the scripts are encoded with the standard error=1&text=..etc..

values passed will be the entire GET and POST values (POST wil override any GET values). At the end, "username" and "command" will be added, overriding anything in the form. (command, being the CMD_COMMAND_NAME)

Heavy form checking is expected in your script as users can pass anything they'd like to try and fool your scripts with unexpected environmental variable values.

Be very very careful with this feature. It's very "raw" and can bite you if you're not careful.

Update: THe following are now also variables in the and




api for all of the IP commands on the CMD_IP_MANAGER page.


method: GET (no post data)

Outputs the ip table (ip, status, reseller, user(s), nameserver, netmask)


All the rest require POST's.

(select1=, etc)


delete=anything  :  delete's the select IP's


reseller=resellername : assign the selected ips to the reseller


remove=anything : delete the selected *free* ips.


clear=anything :  remove the "nameserver" field from the IP. (just cosmetic, doesn't affect dns in any way)


ip=""   OR  ""   (without quotes).. where it starts at and adds up to

email notice for suspended accounts during tally new

DA will send an email notifying the user and reseller that the account was suspended during the tally. No email is sent if the Reseller suspends the account by hand. Doesn't apply for Reseller's being suspended for total bandwidth overusage of all their User accounts combined, unless his own personal "User" level goes over it's limit (rarely happens anyway).

New template:


CMD_API_FTP to return custom path fixed

The CMD_API_FTP api call does not return the custom home dir when viewing/modifying a user.

Fix to support custom paths. The "path" is now returned.

cronjobs not suspended with account fixed

cronjobs are still run after user account is suspended.

Fix will remove all cronjobs by from that user (crontab -u username -r) but will leave the cron data intact (crontab.conf)

include custom mbox imap folders for main account backup fixed

/home/username/mail is only including




in the backup.. and not the rest of the folders. Fix it to search and add any custom folders there. Include subfolders.

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