Version 1.19.0

Released: 2003-08-14

Added token setting in the custom httpd.conf feature new

Previous to this addition, you could only use the tokens that were available to you.. and you were unable to change them from their current value. This will enable the setting of token via the custom httpd.conf feature.

For example, if you want to change the document root for one particular domain, you can simply add:


in the custom httpd.conf text area.

Ability for a user to susepend his own domains. new

In the "Host additional domains" screen, the user will now see a few more options that will allow him to suspend/unsuspend his domains.

Domain creation default index.html template new

When a new domain is added, it will need an index.html file. If a reseller wants to customize this file, he can now just create a directory called:


and inside it place an index.html file, and any other files he wants to be copied over. (Images etc.)

The index.html will be tokenzied with |DOMAIN|, |USERNAME|, |HOME|... other tokens can be added by request.

Domain creation feature control new

Allows users to control more features of each domain. They can now set:

  • bandwidth
  • disk usage
  • ssl
  • cgi

This will allow them to enable/disable features that they dont need, as well as keep a closer eye on disk usage. The disk usage limit won't be enforced, but an email will be sent to the user when the limit is breached.

files_user.conf               - added: CMD_ADDITIONAL_DOMAINS_VIEW=user/modify_domain.html
user/add_domain.html          - added many form values.
user/modify_domain.html       - new file
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