Version 1.63.0

Released: 2021-10-20

Web terminal feature (PRO PACK) new

Users can access shell terminal from the control panel web interface. This allows to quickly have a CLI session without having to log-in to server over SSH.

Terminal can be accessed on user level in System Info & Files -> Terminal.

Terminal feature uses default user shell, so users with disabled SSH access will not be able to use this feature. And systems using a bubblewrap user jail would use bubblewrap in web terminal as well.

Add sorting by total counters support in email summary report improved

This allows sorting by email count columns in email summary report (evolution skin).

Always allow system level API login keys improved

Disabling login keys in user config will no longer prevent system API access. This should fix some CloudLinux plugins that relies on directadmin --DocumentRoot functionality on systems where login keys might be disabled on a user level.

It should also fix latest custombuid directadmin version detection on systems where main admin account had login keys disabled in user config.

Users with disabled login keys will not be able to manage login keys but system keys would still work for them.

Fix custom logo inheritance from admin account when reseller has no custom logos uploaded improved

In the following situation admin -> reseller -> user, when admin account has custom logo uploaded and reseller has no modifications DA used to show default logo images.

This update adds fallback support to the admin custom logo images similar to how other skin customizations are inherited.

Replaced MX record checkbox with save button in evolution skin improved

When modifying MX records checkbox value was updated upon selection. This change allows to save checkbox value using save button.

Add release channel support in improved

Shell script now supports downloading DA from specific release channel. Usage:

./ auto alpha|beta|stable

Update resource limits UI in evolution skin improved

Resource limits in "User packages" and in "User modify" pages had misleading placeholders that looked like current values. This change is aimed to improve user experience.

Fix logo upload bug in evolution fixed

This fixes an error Cannot execute your request please pick only one skin to apply when uploading logo.

Fix yum exclude list in to exclude only ftpd fixed

The yum.conf exclude line had *ftp* which incorrectly excluded clients. Changed to *ftpd.

Restore Admin: Reseller Packages fixed

Bug introduced about a year ago which backed up the admin packages.list (Reseller Packages), ovewriting the Reseller packages.list (User Packages).

The backups will now save the Admin "Reseller Packages" file as: backup/reseller_packages.list, which is what was already attempted for restore (but didn't exist).

Restored certs to fill snidomains and dovecot sni configs fixed

  1. The snidomains was only filled if a cert was saved through DA. The restore process did not fill the snidomains file if the cert/key were valid.

  2. The action=rewrite&value=snidomains task.queue call was using a relative path to cert/keys, relative to /usr/local/directadmin, eg:

ssl_cert = <./data/users/fred/domains/
  1. and was also NOT the intended path. Fixed to be:
ssl_cert = </usr/local/directadmin/data/users/fred/domains/

The change will also create the if it was missing. So the task.queue call below is one way to add any missing files.

WORKAROUND: To rebuild the /etc/virtual/snidomains, and all dovecot sni configs, run:

cd /usr/local/directadmin
echo "action=rewrite&value=snidomains" >> data/task.queue; ./dataskq d1245


SSL: Manually delete automatically created cert does not rewrite User http.conf fixed

User deletion of an automatically created cert via CMD_SSL did not trigger a User httpd.conf rewrite.

CMD_PLUGIN_MANAGER segfault with wrong ethernet_dev fixed

The ethernet_dev setting in the directadmin.conf tells DA which device holds the server IP.

If this is set to a device name that either does not exist, or does not have any IPs, the call to CMD_PLUGIN_MANAGER will segfault.

DA uses the IP from this device to bind to for plugin calls, allowing a plugin's remote system to reliably be connect to with the same IP each time.

Segfault was fixed, but you should set your ethernet_dev correct.

There would be a log entry in /var/log/directadmin/error.log:

ioctl can't find the server's ip address for eth0 : No such device

where ethernt_dev=eth0 was set, but eth0 did not exist.

Type ifconfig to see your devices.


Change domain certificate permissions to 640 diradmin:access fixed

Future saves done by the DirectAdmin binary will set the permissions of the files:


Will have 640 diradmin:access permissions so that all services can read them without needing root.

The and scripts already set the files as described, so this unifies things.


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