Version 1.19.3

Released: 2003-09-01

Ability to use a webalizer.conf file for web stats. new

If a host wants to use a webalizer.conf file, they can create on in:


If the file exists, it will be used ( with -c ) in addition to the other webalizer command line arguments.

The reason for not using /etc/webalizer.conf is because the default webalizer.conf files will not work for multiple domains and many people manually reinstall webalizer, which causes the default webalizer.conf to be reinstalled. If custom webalizer.conf files are required, they can be created in the above path so that DirectAdmin knows that they are not the default files.

Changed default IP for Reseller Create to "Shared - Server" new

Very minor change by request to have the default selected IP to "Shared - Server" for reseller creation.



changed the default selected ip to "Shared - Server"

Allow users to delete their main domain new

Users can now delete their main domain. This will also allow them to create SSL certificates on all domains, if they own that IP. Note that only the first certificate to be loaded will be used for all domains on that IP as apache can only use one per IP. The first one to be loaded will be the default domain, or the first one alphabetically if the default domain has been deleted.

Create a forwarder from multiple email addresses. new





This will create 1 forwarder for each name (on the left) entered. The list is to be comma separated, and should have no spaces.

Added pop to the list of default A records for each domain. new

Some clients have requested the A record "pop" for to be one of the default A records when a new domain is added.

CMD_API_ACCOUNT_* Api for creating accounts new

Added the CMD_API_ versions of the CMD_ACCOUNT_* commands. The form values are exactly the same, the only difference is that the result will be in url form, eg:

error=0&text=User created Successfully&details=none

error: if error occurred, then this will be 1, else 0

text: general overview of results

details: description of results

note that "text" and "details" will be encoded html, so for example there may be newline characters encoded in html ( &#12 ).

System email password wasn't being saved with system password. fixed

For exim to be able to authenticate system accounts, it read the user's shadow file from ~username/.shadow. This file wasn't being properly updated when the User changed his DirectAdmin password, so he would get an "invalid username/password" when trying to send email via smtp-auth. This does not affect virtual pop accounts.

Workarounds (any one will work):

  • don't use smtp-authentication, use da-popb4smtp

  • use the old password to authenticate

  • manually change the ~username/.shadow file (experts only):

php > ~username/.shadow
<? echo  crypt("password","123");?>
(press ctrl-d)
chown username:mail ~username/.shadow
chgrp 640 ~username/.shadow

Added check to ensure that the user used in the apache virtualhosts exists. fixed

Virtual hosts require a valid username to be used or else apache will not restart. The first admin created is created with root as its creator, so if the admin is suspended, apache will try and use root's suspended files (which don't exist).

User that don't exist or that are root will be replaced with "nobody" in the virtualhost to ensure that apache doesn't fail.

\r was being added to newlines when editing a file in the Filemanager fixed

When saving an edited file in the Filemanager, windows adds \r\ to the end of each line, regardless of if it was there before. Now whenever a file is edited/saved, all \r characters will be removed.

Owned IP anonymous ftp access fixed

Bugfix for anonymous ftp access for main domains on owned IPs.

UserAlias is commented out of the /etc/proftpd.conf

Anonymous directives are no longer needed in the /etc/proftpd.vhosts.conf. Just having the anonymous user in the ftp.passwd file is enough for anonymous access.

dns serial bugfix fixed

The date used for the serial was procuding the day which was off by 1.

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