Version 1.27.4

Released: 2006-07-25

ability to use one user on multiple databases (SKINS) new

This will provide a dropdown of existing mysql users to chose from for the user field. The password should be greyed out/ignored as it will already exist. There should also be the dropdown for the "add new db user" page as well, to add existing users to existing databases. File permissions and access hosts are not carried over from the previous database. A new user row is added in the db table for this, thus all of those setting at database specific.






user/db/db_create.html and /user/db/db_user_create.html: add


as well as:

<script language="javascript">
function setGreyout(value)
    if (
        with (
            if (value == '...')
                user.disabled = false;
                passwd.disabled = false;
                passwd2.disabled = false;
                user.value = value;
                user.disabled = true;
                passwd.value = '********';
                passwd.disabled = true;
                passwd2.value = '********';
                passwd2.disabled = true;

please see the updated db_create.html for specific details.

Note that this is backwards compatible, so you don't have to add this code to your custom skins if you dont want the feature.

both db.html and db_view.html need to have the HTM_DB* commands replaced with CMD_DB_* commands.

option to not show the realtime database disk usage new

If a mysql database has too many tables, it can cause a timeout while trying to view the mysql page in DA because DA will go through each table to it's size. With thousands of tables per database, this can cause a timeout, so an option not to count the mysql database size in the client view will be provided. This will not affect the count during the tally.. just the realtime view of the sizes.

3 options: 0, 1 and a numerical skip for db's with more tables than a set number, so that only huge db's are skipped.


0: don't show any database sizes on the mysql page.

1: show all database sizes (default)

2,3,4,etc: show size if there are fewer than this number of tables.

eg: if you set it to 1000, all databases with fewer than 1000 tables will have their disk usage shown. A db with more than 1000 tables would take too long to compute, so if a db has 1000 or more tables, "too many tables" is shown in the Disk Usage column on the mysql page.

option passed to user backup to suppress message new

option passed to user backup to suppress message after the backup has completed in the background. Used mainly for api related scripts that want to create backups, but not bug the user about it.

You can pass this value with the CMD_API_SITE_BACKUP command for backup creation:


0: message is delievered to message system no matter what. (default)

1: message is suppressed for successful backups, but errors are still delievered

2: all messages, good and bad are suppressed.

This can also in theory be included with CMD_SITE_BACKUP via the skin, but we will not add it to the skin at this time. It's just intended for API's that like to do backups without bothering the User.

updated to support dovecot new

you can now use "./ email" to set the ownership and permissions on the Maildir files used for dovecot.

owned IP ftp accounts on default domain not restored fixed

ftp accounts on the default domain of an owned IP address were not being restored via the user backups.

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