Version 1.29.3

Released: 2007-03-24


If a site uses upwards of 10gig a day, the CMD_BANDWIDTH_BREAKDOWN (and CMD_API_BANDWIDTH_BREAKDOWN) page can take a long time to calculate.

This feature will create a bandwidth.tally.cache file with the tally for all accounts all the time. If the bandwidth.tally.cache exists when the bandwidth breakdown request is queried, the cache file will be provided. If it doesn't exist (which should be never after the first tally), then the old method of realtime calculation is used.

Add tokens for actual values as well as percentages in warning emails new

New tokens added for the user_limit.txt and reseller_limit.txt for more info than just the % used.


note, only bandwidth is available in the reseller_limit.txt, no disk quotas are passed for resellers.

check return value of ftp_upload.php for non-zero for error new

previously, if any text was output with the ftp_upload.php script, DA assumed an error was present (which is the case in the default state).

If an admin wants to have custom output added to the result text, it would generate an error.

This change now checks the return value of the script to check for any error.

Anything non-zero is an error, but only if text is generated (always say something if you generate an error)

Ability to reset the ownership of apache owned files in Filemanager new

Apache owned files are created by php scripts.

Give the user the ability to reset the ownership of apache owned files back to the user. A link "Reset Ownership" will appear in the row of a file that has either the UID or GID of apache. Note that symbolic links are not allowed to be reset.

domain pointer template new

template for the domain pointer virtualhost (not in "alias" mode)



if you need to customize it, copy it to tempates/custom/redirect_virtual_host.conf and edit it there so it's not overwritten with an update.

default list of domains a user should not create new

Default list, editable by admin, which will contain all the usual reserved domains a user shouldn't be adding to the control panel, such as hotmail and gmail, etc.

File with the list:


if you want to customize this list, it's recommended you first copy it to:


and edit that file.

This feature is enabled by default.

If you don't want it, empty the forbidden_domains.list file.. or delete it.. or create an empty templates/custom/forbidden_domains.list file.

admin config option to disable the frontpage interface (SKINS) new

Update: FrontPage is end-of-life and no longer supported. Do not use it.

Frontpage is slowly being phased out due to the fact that MS doesn't provide unix extensions anymore. Option for the directadmin.conf file that disables the interface for it will be added.


is the default. Won't be present in the directadmin by default.

To shut off fronptage, simply add:


to your directadmin.conf file, then restart DA.

New global token |FRONTPAGE_ON| value yes or no




|*if FRONTPAGE_ON="yes"|

before the frontpage line, and


after it.

token filter new

Ability to filter the characters allowed in a passed token variable between skins.

Default list:


settable in the directadmin.conf (entry no present by default, but is active by default)

Ability to add scripting to the virtual_host.conf files. new

The 4 virtual_host*.conf files can now have scripting built in for even more flexibility.

Realting to these guides:

You can now add things like:

echo "ServerAlias webmail.|DOMAIN|n";

as a very basic (and fairly useless) example on how you can use it.

The main purpose for adding it is to allow the ability for parsing tokens to customize their output. In theory, you can also write the virtualhost while using mysql settings if you want. The flexibility is pretty much endless.

DA 1.44.1: Ability to set your own token variables via scripts:

Ability to tokenize script output to set tokens

Additional Header Image without logo (SKINS) new

For the enhanced skin, the usual header previously repeated itself.

This made the name and the logo repeate over and over.

This addition adds another image:


to be the repeated image.

It has no words or logos and the "wave" shape on the top lines up with the previous image.

in header.html

<td height=120 align=left background="|LANG_IMG_SKIN_HEADER|">

is changed to:

<td height=120 align=left background="|LANG_IMG_SKIN_HEADER_NONAME|">

This requires adding:


to the files_user.conf



to lang/en/lf_images.html


Api for the admin file editor.

with no get or post outputs the list of available files and their sizes


output the url encoded file in the "data" variable:


method: GET


Save the file:

method: POST
text=the file data

api for controlling services and rebooting new


method: GET


method: POST

Note: for CMD_REBOOT.. if you don't get any result it's probably because the machine has already started the reboot process killing DA before the output could be given.

check for existing forwarder during forwrader creation fixed

There wasn't previously a check to see if another forwarder existed during creation. One was added. Applies to the API as well.. standard error=1 is returned with a message.

use html characters for log viewer fixed

Ensure all charcters are html encoded when viewing logs through the log viewer.

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