Version 1.20.4

Released: 2003-12-06

Show the Name instead of the username in the messaging system new

Used to show the user's username as the "from" field. Now it uses the name specified in the user's configuration. This allows resellers to specify their company name (or "support"), which looks more professional.

Also, the message system notification link will now use their domain instead of the system's hostname.

Ability to customize the look of the main login page. new

If you want to change the login screen for the main DirectAdmin login page, simply create the html file you want in:


And it will be shown instead of the built in page. To restore the default login page, just remove that file.

Form Values:

referer : where you want to be taken after the login

Optional Values:

FAIL_URL : where you should be forwarded if the login fails.
LOGOUT_URL: where you should be forwarded when you logout.


|REFERER| : where the login is trying to go.
|FAILEDLOGIN| : text that you've define with |?FAILEDLOGIN=your text|.  It will be empty ("") under most circumstances, so you can place it where you want the error message to be shown.  You *MUST* include :

|?FAILEDLOGIN=Your own login failed text|

before you call the |FAILEDLOGIN| token. The token is filled with "" unless a failed login has occurred.



|?FAILEDLOGIN=<h1>Wrong Username or Password!!</h1>|
<head><title>DirectAdmin Login Page</title></head>
Enter your username and password<br>
<form action="/CMD_LOGIN" method="POST">
<input type=hidden name=referer value="|REFERER|">
Username: <input type=text name=username autocapitalize="none"><br>
Password: <input type=password name=password><br>
<input type=submit value="Login">
|*if LOST_PASSWORD="yes"|
<a href="/CMD_LOST_PASSWORD">Forgot your password?</a>

ability to set the reply_to value in majordomo. (SKINS take note) new

Adding the ability to set the reply_to value in the file. More info when it's been completed.




<input type=text name=reply_to value="|reply_to|">

Changed >> to » in the skins (SKINS minor) new

Changed >> to » in the skins as it looks much nicer 😃

if you're lazy, use:

cd /your/skin/directory
perl -pi -e 's/>>/»/g' \`find *|grep html\`

Filemanager returns: Error: document not found fixed

Some machines are unable read the skins after the chroot (most machines can). Fix will pre-read the skins files before the chroot is done, so the chroot can also call a chdir.

The fix is to preload all required skin files before the chroot. This also allows for a complete chdir/chroot/setgid/setuid privilege removal. This increases security greatly (not that it was a problem, but it's just better 😃 )

This will also fix a few other issues with protecting directories (also needed the skin pre-load)

Ability to protect directories with frontpage on fixed

The "protect" link was instructed not to be shown with frontpage enabled (they both use .htaccess files). This change will show the protect link in all cases.

Remove user's IMAP directory when pop account is deleted. fixed



when the pop account is deleted.

MX record section of the User Panel fixed

The MX records section of the User Panel isn't deleting records.

Add MX records for Domain Pointers fixed

Adds MX records to the DNS zone when a domain pointer is created.

API returning safe html characters arn't being parsed by php parse_str fixed

The safe characters that were being returned where for html, and not urls. Change the &#?? format to %??.

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