Version 1.04.0

Released: 2003-06-03

UebiMiau webmail has been added new

more clients will be added as time permits.

SMTP has been added new

NOTE Existing DirectAdmin Users have to resave their control panel password if they wish to access SMTP using their DirectAdmin username/password (~/.shadow will be written)

An email virus filter has been added to exim new

simple virus filter.

Spamassin is included new

Spamassin is included, root must run ./ in the scrits directory to install it, then uncomment the Spamassassin transport and directive in the exim.conf.

Changed the rules for parsing a request fixed

If more data is sent than is specified in the Content-Length, all extra data is ignored. Old way just dropped the request if more data is sent that is in the content-length header.

Change password will only give you one password popup fixed

For "Change Password", the passwd program no longer spits out its results to the socket and you now only get 1 popup for the new password

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